Works of Pema Chodron

Who here has read or listened to works by Pema Chodron (a Western Buddhist teacher)? I picked up “Don’t Bite the Hook” in Audio CD format. I didn’t know what to expect. I was concerned that the listener would have to buy into a Buddhist world view to benefit, but most of what she spoke about was practical and wisdom for any human being. Her presentation of “shenpa” was particularly fascinating. I knew of the Buddhist focus on freedom from attachment, yet I never explored it much further than reading about the 8 Fold Path. “Shenpa” sounds similar to the dangerous passions written of by the Desert Fathers. It was very helpful for me to see that even when I am pursuing a good and just cause, I can become addicted to negative emotions inadvertantly. I knew this before, to a degree, and became frustrated whenever I felt riled up, as in defending an orthodox Christian belief before one who challenges it.

What has others’ experiences been of Pema’s works? I like the audio versions so I can listen during the day, and also because my retention is better from hearing.


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