Workshop on Revelation

Hi all-

I’d appreciate your prayers as I am preparing to present a workshop on the Book of Revelation (from a Catholic perspective) at my local church on Wednesday.

I’m also putting together a handout (well, several handouts, but this one is the reason for this request) of good resources for anyone who wants to explore further. It will include Paul Thigpen’s The Rapture Trap and Michael Barber’s Coming Soon. I’m torn about whether or not to include Stephen Doyle’s Apocalypse, it does carry “permission to publish” but I’m somewhat uncomfortable with his quickness to state as fact the conclusions of textual criticism as well as to skip over the “difficult” bits.

I’m open to suggestions of other resources (print or web) that you think would prove useful to non-scholars.

I’m sure I could think of more later, but off the top of my head, some indispensible references would be:

  1. Rapture, by David Currie, which has an extensive chapter on the Book of Revelation.

  2. The Lamb’s Supper, by Scott Hahn.

  3. The End, (CD/tape series), also by Scott Hahn.

  4. Ignatius Study Bible on the Book of Revelation.

Wanted to stop back and thank people for their prayers and Fidelis for the book suggestions. The presentation went really well - even to the detail of the timing working out perfectly, despite my not having had an opportunity to actually practice my presentationstraight through for timing and the fact that we included quite a bit of q+a/discussion as I went along.

I had a couple of friends from my women’s Bible study come, I wasn’t expecting them (didn’t think they even knew about it) and they’re not Catholic, but they fit right in and seemed to enjoy it very much.

So thanks again for all the prayer support. God is good! :crossrc:

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