World Congress Speaker Calls for “Monogamy Men” to Take Back the Culture


World Congress Speaker Calls for “Monogamy Men” to Take Back the Culture

(WASHINGTON, DC – C-FAM) Patrick Fagan, family scholar at the Family Research Council, told the World Congress of Families last week in Amsterdam that there are two competing cultures of sexual morality and that both have a profound effect on culture and public policy. Fagan called one culture “monogamous” and the other “polymorphous” and he warned that one is “snatching” children from the other.

Fagan told the audience that “the culture of the traditional family is now in intense competition with a very different culture. The defining difference between the two is the sexual ideal embraced [by each].” He described an “elegance in the simplicity of the ideals behind the two cultures: monogamy and polymorphous serial polygamy, or ‘polyamory’ for short. “



That is a great article, and extremely relevant to the issues facing so many nations today.

Thanks for the post.


Well, a well-phrased description it is: polymorphous serial polygamy.
It is going to have to be bilateral, the healing of society from the last 40-50 years or so. Men have to stand up for monogamy, and women need to, as well. Otherwise it might just deteriorate into a battle of the sexes.


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