World Cup South Africa 2010

Any soccer fans out there and if so who is your favorite teams and who do you pick to win it this year?

I like USA, Brasil, Spain, and Italy

i pick Spain even tho i would love to see a USA win.

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Well, I’ll definitely be cheering for the USA! :extrahappy:

However, if they perform like they have in many of the past World Cups… :banghead:

As for picking a favorite to win it all, I’ll have to get back to you. I’ll have to check some sports sites to see who has been playing well recently. Unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up with the sport lately.

I predict a European team to win it.
Never discount Germany. Italy not likely to win back-to-back cups. Spain definitely could. England are looking well. The Dutch definitely could. France maybe. Portugal maybe.
An African side as the runner up isn’t unforseeable this time.

As a South African geographically, I will be supporting Bafana Bafana! Except, I know that they wont make it past the 1st round :stuck_out_tongue:

As a Brazilian in terms of my blood, I will be supporting Brazil. And to the naysayers, remember that basically every single world cup people say there is no way Brazil will win it this year and what happens :rolleyes: My grandfather is Spanish though, so I’ll be supporting them too. Woohoo.

As an aside, its pretty cool. Since we’re a few weeks out, all the shops and stuff here in SA are decorated and everybody is getting ready - its pretty cool having such a big tournament here in SA :slight_smile:

Hmmm? :hmmm: Isn’t there some quirk in World Cup history where the location of the tournament has an effect on the outcome? Like no European country has ever won when the World Cup was held outside of Europe.

In any case, while I was “researching” this bit of trivia, I came across this:

The first player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup match was United States’s Bert Patenaude who did this against Paraguay in the first round of the 1930 World Cup. Some records wrongly have the first player scoring a hat-trick as Guillermo Stabile of Argentina in their 6:3 win over Mexico on 19 July 1930, two days after Patenaude.

God rest your soul, Bert! We need you! :bowdown2:

And this, which gives me some hope (but I’m not overconfident):

GOAL POWER: The United States were the leading scorers during the 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign with 42 goals, while England boasted the best average of 3.40 goals per game.

And then there was this, which is just bizarre! :eek:

INJURY TIME: One of the most unusual injuries in World Cup history occurred as early as the first tournament. In one of the semi-finals in 1930 the United States trainer had to be carried off after he ran onto the pitch to attend an injured player against Argentina, dropped his medicine box and broke a bottle of chloroform. He inhaled the fumes and fell to the ground immediately. The injured player recovered without any treatment.

I just hope I can catch at least one US match!

C’mon Donovan! I’m rootin’ for ya, buddy! :extrahappy:

Ahhh, the world cup. The only time Australians pretend to like soccer. Till the inevitable happens and we lose, then it’s business as usual


Well, yes. One should never discount Brazil either.
Having said that, they conceded a lot of goals in qualifying…

It would be good for America to do well so that MLS can continue to grow…aging European stars need someplace to retire to afterall:p Team USA actually winning it though!? = gales of laughter.:rotfl:

That would be rugby, right?!

Ugh, everyone on TV will start becoming experts on it as well. I don’t see us getting passed the first round though…

Poco is right. Bring on the Rugby World Cup. :cool:

Come on, everyone knows that the Rugby World Cup has no chance of seeing Oceanian soil.


I wish I knew who said it, but I love it! :smiley: The quote is something like this:

“Soccer is a gentlemen’s game played by hooligans, while rugby is a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen.”

It’s the only sport I’ve played where both teams would get together after the match and “hoist a pint or two”!

But I’m off-topic. I apologize. :o

Back to football (i.e. soccer, for the American audience :slight_smile: )… Has anyone here ever played on a team made up of something like this? Americans, Colombians, Panamanians, South Africans, Iranians and probably some others I forget. Once again, I apologize. The skill level was incredibly high (especially from the Americans :rolleyes: ), but when it came to “teamwork”… But, hey, we had fun! :thumbsup:

I’m feeling more confidence now. USA all the way! :yeah_me:

That would be true except that New Zealand are hosting it next year. :wink: Only a hop, skip and a jump for me. Pints all around! :smiley:

The US draw for the Fifa World Cup (not to confuse this thread any more) is bull though. They should have to play better teams, besides Mexico, to get in. :rolleyes:

Being Scottish, I’d just like to see us qualify for the WC in the first place…

I don’t know what’s more boring–soccer or baseball.


Baseball. But even baseball is exciting, especially if you know what to look for! :dancing:

Neither, they are the greatest sports in the world, for one real football what we call soccer in the US is played in every corner of God’s green earth and second more people play baseball on this planet than what we Americans like to call football or hockey wich I may ad they both sports splintered out of soccer.
And unlike our football you can actually play baseball at a world class tournament like soccer, I think is called the wold baseball classic and also FIFA makes more money than the NFL, so I think soccer and baseball are pretty exciting sports and you don’t even have to get behind a guy in tights bending over and touch his privates so he can hand you the ball… Lol

Definitely soccer. Baseball is awesome. I’ve been so excited about the college softball world series that culminates this weekend.

my picks

south or nth korea

ivory coast

u never know… as they say the ball is round…

if any of these teams wins… remember you hear it 1st form me… in CAF hehe

God Bless

Yeah, but with soccer you do have guys who cry over nothing. That is one of my biggest problems with soccer. I started watching at the last World Cup, but the incessant crying drives me up the wall.

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