World Day Against the Death Penalty

Good morning from Germany!

Since today is the World Day Against the Death Penalty I was thinking how it would be to live in the USA where this penalty is still “normal”. How do catholics in the US think about it? Do catholics try to influence the public to abolish death penalty? How do feel about it?
I am very interested in your opinions.
(Please excuse me if I make mistakes in expressing me in English.)

The death penalty was abolished in my country mid last century. Please God our beloved Americans will see this occur in the United States soon.

Trishie, do you think a prayer thread on this issue would be a good idea? How can I do this? (I am new here…)

Jahoda, yes a prayer petition is a good idea. Thank you for your own concern and prayers.
Regards, Trishie

I am glad that the World Day Against the Death Penalty exists. Yes, prayers are needed.

as an american catholic, I don’t lose any sleep over the vermin who get the needle nor do I try to influence anyone to vote against it. its virtually unheard of for the anti death penalty obsessed to acknowledge the horrors of the crimes that warrant the DP, or even acknowledge that there was a victim (or two or a dozen) or the shattered families who remain.


If the world is so concerned about the American use of the death penalty, then let the world take our murders and rapists off our hands. The world might soon be singing a different tune.


I wish that our country would reintroduce the hangman(Mr Ellis)for horrific murderers-Paul Bernardo for one.I would also be unopposed to bringing back the lash for rapists,armed robbers,child molesters and those who use violence during the commission of a crime.The remission rate would be negligible.

What about the innocent ones?

what about the innocent ones? what about them? the innocent ones were on the sharp end of the knife or the blunt end of the club, facts AGAIN ignored by the convict-obssessed.

the murderers, on the other hand, were tried before, and convicted by juries who heard all the facts, the sentences were directly and collaterally attacked and affirmed numerous times at various appellate levels.

while its entirely possible that some are guilty of lesser than DP eligible offenses and should merely spend their lives in prison, there aren’t that many “factually” innocent (whatever that means, the jury made that decision, so unless you have some preternatural abilities, they’re factually guilty). as to them: eh.

In cases of some small doubt incarceration.But in those vast majority of cases where guilt is proven and where it is premeditated murder or murder committed during the commission of a crime-off with their heads.

We seem to be uncomfortable with the concept of the punishment of sin, as if it is somehow the Christian ideal to eliminate punishment altogether. This is not how the Church views things - given that justice requires punishment.

The evil of natural defect, or of punishment, He does will, by willing the good to which such evils are attached. Thus in willing justice He wills punishment

Aquinas: SMT FP Q[19] A[9] Body Para. 1/1

As regards murder, this used to be considered more forthrightly.

whoever committed murder, however useful and strong he might be, was to forfeit his life
Aquin.: SMT FS Q[105] A[2] R.O. 12 Para. 1/2


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