World Health Org: Ebola death rate now 70 percent; 10,000 new cases a week

World Health Org: Ebola death rate now 70 percent; 10,000 new cases a week possible

Heartbroken here
sorrowful especially for the children suffering

Are there mission programs/adoptions for surviving orphaned children?

This is horrible: the article you quoted said that in two months, the contageon rate can be up to 10,000 new cases a week!

Something has to be done! Can’t any pharamceuticals be released now that can help with this.

Oh God, help us and have mercy on us all, especially on people who have this horrific disease

It is a frightening prospect for sure. I heard long ago that about the only treatment known to work has been blood transfusions. Those who survive have the anti-bodies present that can allow others to have a better chance of survival.

I really think, that to avoid a global outbreak all travel out of Africa to other counties needs to be stopped until the illness is contained there. I know that would not be a very popular idea, but I think it is well worth considering.

It seems like Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen is here.

and some wonder why people are anxiety ridden, depressed, scared, and the whole proverbial nine yards…

The new black plague… :frowning:

It breaks my heart!

My hope is that now that it has landed on American soil, our scientists will start busting their brains to find a vaccine and/or a cure! Thousands of people dying wasn’t enough - it has to be a threat to the US for this country to actually give a darn :mad:

God forgive us for turning our backs on our brothers and sisters - like the rich man from whose table Lazarus begged scraps. May God have mercy on the souls of those who have died. May He comfort those who are mourning and still suffering from the disease. And may God have mercy on us!


Yes :frowning: Ebola has been around for decades. I first heard of it years and years ago as the bleeding virus that you bleed out of every opening and then die… never dreaming it would someday be right in our back yards. I am ashamed that we haven’t done more as a country, as a scientific community. Let’s hope it isn’t too late to do some good.

In 6 months there have been about 7500 cases so how can it jump to 10, 000 cases a week in two months?

This reminds me of the headlines I have been reading on drudge the last few years. — “Iran months away from having the nuclear bomb!”

This is serious but if this is true why are flights from west africa not banned now.

Why these scare tactics? This outbreak has not been handled well from the beginning!

Banning flights is an overreaction. The average annual income in West Africa is about $300. Most people there have a hard time earning enough money to feed themselves let alone purchase tickets for an international flight to the United States. Then theres the practical reason. Thomas Duncan arrived here on a flight from Brussels so banning flights from West Africa doesn’t work unless everyone else does the same.

Yes Gertie and Saved by Grace, I’m with you. We should have had compassion months ago and jumped on this sci-fi horror of a disease when it first started to act up months ago. Do unto others…a direct biblical command from Jesusl:(

The WHO said by December it would be somewhere around 10,000 new cases a week. It will take much money and effort to get this statistic not to happen, but we must try!

Okay. But my point is we have sent 4000 troops to help and international money is being provided so why in 2 months are they ecpecting cases to jump from 300 a week to 10, 000?!

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