World Health Organization Stopped Medical Experts from Recommending Coronavirus Travel Bans

From January 27, which was a mere 4 days prior to President Trump’s travel ban of foreigners travelling from China:

Good for Pelosi. It was xenophobic, gave a false sense of security, and was ultimately ineffective.

At least Joe Biden was man enough to admit he made a mistake in criticizing Trump’s ban of foreigners’ travel into the U.S.:

Biden now says that he supports the president’s travel ban to and from China.

This is a 180-degree spin from the former vice president. Just two months ago, Biden called a ban on travel to and from China, where the virus originated, was “xenophobic” and “racist:”

"The national emergency and worldwide alerts. The American people need to have a president who they can trust what he says about it. That he is going to act rationally about it. In moments like this, this is where the credibility of a president is most needed, as he explains what we should and should not do. This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysterical xenophobia and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science,” per CNN.

Medical experts have affirmed that President Trump’s travel ban helped contain and fight the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Are you unaware of the actual story of what Biden criticized and what he supported?

Easy answer:
At first, Joe Biden opposed Trump’s travel ban.
Several weeks later, Joe Biden admitted that the travel ban was a good idea.
(I recommend reading my comment before you reply to it.)

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