World hunger caused by political decisions, Pope says


[size=2]World hunger caused by political decisions, Pope says

[size=2]October 16, 2008[/size] With the means and resources the world has at its disposal, it is possible to supply sufficient nourishment and to satisfy the growing needs of everyone," Pope Benedict XVI said in his annual message for World Food Day, which is being observed on October 16. In his message to Jacques Diouf, the director general of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, the Holy Father said that food shortages reflect the effects of “corruption in public life and increasing investment in arms and sophisticated military technology, to the detriment of people’s primary needs.” The Pope called for more energetic efforts to provide for just distribution of the world’s resources, to protect farmland and agricultural workers, and to combat the effects of climate change. He charged that a “race for consumption” has aggravated the effects of food shortages, but criticized corruption in undeveloped nations as well as materialism in wealthier countries.

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Absolute truth. The Pope hits a home run again.:clapping:

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