World meeting of families

So I’m obviously late to the ballpark on this one but apparently the Seventh Day Adventist church is up in arms about this event coming to America because it pertains to what they call “a universal Sunday law” and that the Catholic Church worldwide will conspire with governments and kill those who still celebrate the Sabbath?

What am I missing here?:eek:

oh my…

Hello, fellow Charlestonian (at least as far as diocese is concerned =p).

This is an old chestnut with the SDA’s. Couple of thoughts: Church attendance in Europe is what – maybe 10%? The U.S. has become the land of abortion on demand (as has most of the Western world), as well as the seemingly unstoppable tide of “gay marriage.” Does any of that sound like the political background likely to force church attendance at all, let alone on Sundays only? Of course, that would explain those thousands of “FEMA coffins” the conspiracy websites are always talking about…(just kidding about that).

Many SDAs I have spoken to absolutely obsessed with the thought that somewhere, somebody actually cares what day they choose to worship. That somewhere in Rome, the Pope is wringing his hands in rage that they choose to worship on Saturday.

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