World Mission Church of God?

Does anybody know anything about the World Mission Church of God?

This seems to be a bizarre cult. One of my DH’s students has become heavily involved with it and the parents, who are Catholic, are beside themselves.

I thought to put this query up on the Family Living forum because the theological issues here pale beside the crisis in this family.

Any information or help on bringing someone home who has taken this road will be much appreciated.


I don’t know what to say.

It seems they reject the Trinity and believe in a duality, of God the Father and God the Mother, based on Gen 1:27. Another cult that bases their whole theology on one verse.

If this child has been thinking that the church and her God reject the feminine, and is looking for the feminine side of God, he’s certainly gone to the wrong place.

Or is the kid a girl?

I would pray to Mary for her intercession, to help this kid see that God does not reject the feminine at all. If He did, He would not have given us Mary; after all, He could have created Jesus’ human body out of the same dust as Adam. If God rejects the feminine, the Church would not be the Bride of Christ.

Oh, my. The Church has the fullness of truth, not just a piece of it.

I’ll pray for this kid.

God bless us all,


Not only is this kid not a girl, he is a brilliant young man, who came to the U.S. from Poland in his teens, went to community college, where he got HUGE scholarships to a Very Big Name University and graduated with distinction in his major . . .

We are pursuing options for learning about this sect and about how to bring this kid out of their orbit. He has quit his job and is spending most of his time at their center according to his mom.

This is clearly not a theological attraction but a combination of some emotional need and total stupidity/ignorance when it comes to the Christian faith.

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