World Mission Society Church of God

I just had two men come to the door and ask: Have you heard of “God the Mother?”
They went on to “show” me, mostly from Revelations, that there was such a thing.
They were also confusing the Holy Spirit with the Father which is apparently part of their beliefs.
Has anyone heard of this group?

Never heard of them but I’m gonna watch this thread to learn more…

Wikipedia has an article on them.

Seems they are some Korean based Church.

This is quite interesting information for me. I can’t believe such things exist in Christian religion.

Hello all,
I have had 2 encounters with this “cult”. In the first occasion it was a simple meeting in a train station in Berlin, Germany. We exchanged contacts and this week I went to their “church” to discuss about the Word of God.
They are quite proficient with the Bible. They have many strange beliefs and they bring back a lot of “old” heresies like the belief that God is Father and Mother (although they also say that they believe in the Trinity…), that the Roman Catholic Church is the “whore of Babylon” (because of changing the Passover to a Sunday instead of the 14th day of the Nisan - if i remember correctly), that they know when is the Second coming of Christ… etc… I hope I wasn’t too aggressive but I did my best to defend our mother Church as best as I knew. They could not reply to most of my rebuttals but they promised that in the next time (as if…) I would be made aware of more.
We discussed about 2 hours. They did not talk about their most “intimate” secrets, like the fact that they believe that Jesus already came, or that God the Mother is living in this Korean woman (I only knew about this through the internet). PLEASE - DO NOT TRY TO ENGAGE THEM IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO DEFEND YOUR FAITH. They will attack you and our Church with cherry picking and red herring. They are articulate and seem logic… they are not!

How do you know the church you attend is the true church? Why it’s simple if they have the title Church of God then they the true church. How so you ask? Look at scripture, the letters and such are addressed to The Church of God in…which ever place…
According to pastor of The Restored Church of God,:rolleyes:

Thanks for all the comments. They said they would be back in a week or two, but haven’t been back yet. So I haven’t been able to continue the dialog.

That article is…really something :smiley:

Good evening everyone!

I have heard about this group. They have a branch here in the Philippines, specifically here in Davao where I live. A close friend of mine is a member of this church. My first encounter is with my close friend. She preached to me about the history of the church. Then she went on to attack some of my beliefs like Christmas, etc. My second encounter is when she and her church mates knocked on our door, though they were not able to preach to us.

This particular church has weird beliefs. They even believe that the Second Coming Christ was the founder of their church, Ahnsahnghong. Their teachings are really anti-Catholic. They even viewed the Crucifix and the images of our Virgin Mary as idols.

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