World music - Your favorites

Seventy-five percent of my music collection (CDs and LPs) is classical. The other twenty-five percent is ethnic music - world music. I grant you that a hefty percentage of my world music collection is Irish and Scot. But, there are others…

So, here’s some of my favorites. (I have an ulterior motive…I’m looking for new music!)

Breton music! I have a very identifiable Breton French surname. I was first exposed to the music of my ancestors at a Celtic Nations Festival in New Orleans. This is Celtic music but it is most definitely not Irish, Welsh, or Scot. Take a listen:

And then there is the music of the Andes…Peru and Chile. I bought my first LP based upon hearing Paul Simon and the then group Urubamba. Remember El Condor Pasa? I LOVE Andean music!!! Such happy music! And I love the pipes! I’ve heard Andean bands in the mercado de San Antonio y tambien al mercado de Seattle. Me gusto este musica!

So, let’s have some input! World music! Ethnic music. What are your favorites!!!

I sing polyphony in a cathedral choir. I appreciate the sound of the human voice in harmony. These guys are awesome:

I’m with you on the Andean music :thumbsup:

I also like African music, whether it’s bands like Ladysmith Black Mambazo (who also worked with Paul Simon on Graceland), or individual singers such as Youssou N’Dour or Angelique Kidjo.

Oh, the Andean music! Inti-Illimani is only the tip of the iceberg. Such happy music!

But Lily, I know there are Australian groups out there doing the same thing with native intstruments.

I have to confess I love most of ethnic music. I think you’d need to try hard to find something I wouldn’t like.

Andean could be very nice for mass. Makes me think of Jesuits and some uncompromising Padres and some Indians with great faith, and real men.

I’ve always loved Celtic music. And not only music for that matter. My family always wanted to kill me in my pipes phase.

Spanish, anytime. Especially the sad dances. Yup, sad dances. Probably a Spanish phaenomenon. Or not. Don’t know.

I had an episode with Indian music too.

OK, hint, hint, nudge, nudge, give us (me) some examples! I’m looking for new music! I’m not a rocker!

There’s not a massive indigenous music scene here, although I’m pleased that one of our Australian Idol winners is an Aboriginal lass. Most of our Aboriginal musicians sadly tend to go more into mainstream musical styles.

If you like to mix it with the didgeridoo a bit you’d probably like Yothu Yindi and the Warumpi Band for starters :smiley:

I think you would like a new live album by Irish fiddler Gerry O’Connor and his Breton guitarist Giles Le Bigot. The album is a mixture of Irish, scottish and of course Breton.

Gerry O’Connor & Gilles Le Bigot
In Concert
Gerry O’Connor & Gilles Le Bigot In Concert recorded live in Douarnenez, Brittany 20th Dec 2005

Thispage has some sound files and a review:

Irish and Scottish music, especially the bagpipes. And the drums.

Balinese gamelan. I learned how to play gamelan when I lived in Belfast. It’s a unique sound but very interesting.

Hindi rock music. There’s community radio station that plays all sorts of music and they play Hindi/India rock music on Sunday nights. That’s how I got hooked.

Hawaiian. Big here because of the large student population who comes here for college. That’s how I got introduced but i don’t get to hear it very often. If I’m luck and remember, they play it once a month on that community radio station I mentioned above.

I like real “world” music with real ethnic lyrics, instruments and performers. I detest most monotonous electronic stuff billed as world on new wave stations played on synthesizers with Dawn or the Supremes moaning in the background.

Celtic, but I think several people have already mentioned that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eastern European, especially Gypsy. Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, maybe a little Polish. This is the great love of my life, especially when I find a piece with violin in it. Intoxicating! I dance to traditional Ukrainian with my (traditional) dance group, and some of the music can get into your blood-- most of it is very fast. The Russians have an interesting type of guitar as well. It’s a seven string, with a unique tuning and a slightly different sound. :thumbsup:

Spanish guitar, especially fandago!

South American, including Brasilian. So moving, some of it!

If you want links to some different CDs, etc., I’ll get to them later. :smiley:

Ditto! I love the Celtic Women. :thumbsup:

Yes, please!

Lily - my BIL loves Australian outback music! But I keep forgetting to get the names of the groups and the albums.

OK all you Celtic lovers. The following is a link to music of a young man from the northwest corner of Spain which was the Celtic area called Galicia as well as the site of the medieval pilgrimage to Santiago. His name is Carlos Nunez (don’t know how to put a tilde over the “n”). I heard him play at a Chieftains concert back in the 80s along with seeing Michael Flatley dance before he became famous. He plays the Galician pipes which are smaller than either the Higland or the Uillean pipes.

Celtic music with a decidedly Spanish accent.

Aah, outback music - you might be having a slightly different idea of what constitutes ‘outback music’ than I boyo.

To me the term connotes more folk music along the lines of ‘Click Go the Shears’ and so on. In that case you can’t go past the Bushwhackers Band :thumbsup: If that’s what you’re thinking of, I can certainly understand the appeal, since it has its roots in Irish music.

It may very well be, Lily. Do they use didgeridoos? Amazon doesn’t have a listing for the Bushwhackers but I think this is probably the case. It is certainly not aboriginal music which I have heard and reminds me of Native American music.

And we have several of R. Carlos Nakai’s CDs

Not strictly traditional but nice on the ears.

And lest I forget (probably because I don’t think of it as World Music per se. It’s local music to me).

These guys are awesome! They get panned by the strict traditionalists but they put on an awful good show.

No they don’t use the didg :nope: Could you imagine mixing didgeridoo and Irish music? What an awful mess it’d sound :rotfl:


Bagpipe: I’m hoping the Last Trump will actually be a mighty skirl on the bagpipes by an entire regiment of the holy angels (sorry, LilyM!) that knocks Satan on his keister.

Russian Orhthodox chant

Gregorian chant

Well there’s no doubting it would do that all right … most of the rest of us would probably just start to bleed at the eardrums :yup: :stuck_out_tongue:

Russian Orhthodox chant

Gregorian chant

Both gorgeous :thumbsup:

Have you checked out the radio station (broadcasts over the internet) called Ancient Faith radio? - it’s an Orthodox station that mainly does broadcast chant.

Being, I believe, based in Alaska most of it would be Russian Orthodox. I’m not educated enough to always be able to tell the distinction :o

I can think of certain ballads and laments where it might work.

I’ll contact sis and see if she can check out his collection for me.

I have two LPs of Japanese kotos playing baroque music - that works…

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