World of Warcraft Catholic Guilds?

I’m giving up on Lord of the Rings Online and going back to WoW. Is anyone aware of any Catholic or Christian guilds in WoW? I’m hoping for one on Argent Dawn, but that’s probably too much to hope for. Thanks.

I haven’t had any luck on finding any on Malfurion.

Blizzard is pretty touchy when it comes to forming a guild based on real world religion. Good luck in your search.

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That’s what I thought, but at least I tried!

Zangarmarsh gamer here. None that I have found.

any guild wars players here? or city of heroes/villians?

I used to play. I got burned out ironically right after I installed the expansion.

Probably for the best, as I was not exactly behaving as a good Christian in the game – I made an art of Ganking, being a Rogue and all… :smiley:

Which sort of brings up the question: does one need to be a good Christian in game worlds as well? I can’t see practicing love of enemies on-line…?

i would think that just following the rules of the game would suffice… well… you could maybe be a little more merciful than the average joe in the pvp arenas lol

I agree. As long as you are not verbally abusive or acting in a way on a person to person basis OUTSIDE THE GAME ACTIVITIES in a way that is not Christian (i.e. crude language, stealing from players, etc) I think a little play between enemies is okay. My thinking is that it is just a game afterall. But I may be biased since I work in the industry :slight_smile:

By the way, I always wanted to start a Christian oriented guild and call it “Band of the Penitent” – WoW players will know what the pun is there…

I could maybe see myself re-activating if there was a cool guild of Catholics, though I would hate to have to start a new character on a new server – ugh, that grind…

Standby. If my son, who stops breathing when away from WoW, can’t think of one, you’ll probably have to begin one. :thumbsup:

“Well met!”

I’m on Llane and do not know of one. But that’s such a cool idea! If anyone joins that realm look up “Stíofán” and let me know!

“Light bless you!”

I tried to post a note on the Argent Dawn forum asking if there was a Christian or Catholic guild and they deleted it before I saw it. At least on Lord of the Rings they let us have one - which promptly died due to lack of interest. :frowning:

My son, the WoW addict, says the corporation does not allow such guilds or alliances, so as to maintain a neutral game. :frowning:

Christ’s peace.

I know that there are or have been religion oriented Guilds. I can name a few with a visit to the Guild Recruitment forum on the WoW forums. Maybe they changed it since I played.

I know most players on WoW are pretty anti so maybe they all complained.

By the way, have y’all heard the rumors that Bioware is doing a Knights of the Old Republic (Star Wars) MMO? I am hearing that the rumor is true! That would be superbly awesome and in my mind a WoW killer.

I’ll be there when it’s out for sure.

They already had a starwars MMO, called Star Wars Galaxies, that was 100 times better than wow, then it got ruined by the developers, and is an empty shell of what it used to be.
As of now my wow account is de-activated, but I would rejoin If I found a Catholic guild on my server of spirestone.

Yes, some of the team from the original SWG joined Bioware and this will be completely new – but not due out for a couple years.:mad:

A catholic wow guild would be sweet, if anyone has one i might transfer if i have free time!

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I wish we could reverse-engineer some WoW features into real life. Can you imagine what would happen to vocations if a Priest could actually cast Holy Nova, Power Infusion, or Silence? (That last one’d be especially good at Mass.)

lol great though

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