World peace how?


I know, what a question! But are there ways it could be achieved? Maybe creative ways? It’s worth considering I believe.


It would be wonderful, but highly unlikely.
There will always be evil, or people that want what doesn’t belong to them.


There needs to be more peaceful people in positions of power than violent people.


I agree, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to shame those who make war on the innocent. Could they show film of interviews with the civilian victims at the UN?

I just feel that it’s the distancing from the results of their actions that allow men reign to make war?

I wonder how they’d answer the questions of the children who’d lost their grandparents, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends and homes?
Just blue sky thinking.


You are assuming that war begins with “officials.” It begins with regular people first. It begins with different religions not respecting each other. It begins with land disputes. Economic reasons.

And then governments get involved.



It begins with the Illuminati…


I always thought it began with the finding of a ginger cow:


World peace is near impossible. That’s because it is in an anarchical arrangement.

Think how we have peace in our families or schools or organisations or cities or within our countries. It’s because there is hierarchical rules and laws and we are always under some bigger authority. There is no higher authority that rules the world. Add to that there is also a mistrust of each other’s countries.

Can’t do much about the anarchy but maybe we can reduce mistrust. Hence one way to peace is to reduce the mistrust. Understand each other more and be more transparent.


It sounds to me like we need to make the Pope ruler of the world. I doubt most would cooperate, though, so before there can be peace…


On a serious note, we’re rather close compared to the past. The interconnectedness of the world has reduced intercountry warfare. Most violence today comes from civil wars and terrorists.


Trial, Tribulation & Triumph: Before, During, and After Antichrist

According to Catholic Prophecy, the Minor Chastisement that precedes the Antichrist will lead to the death of billions. It will be a combination of wars, natural disasters, and the Three Days of Darkness.

Then the Age of Peace will occur.


This makes me think of singing from the same hymn sheet. When we do that I trust my neighbour, understand him and his motives are transparent.

It occurs to me that we are way too tribal, creating false differences between ourselves in an attempt to satisfy the ego* which fears the loss of individuality. By concentrating our efforts on the love of God and our neighbour it is easy to see that our differences would evaporate like the illusions they are? But How, by evangelising more?

*please note I’m using the word ego to describe our personality, the little self, not in the Freudian sense.


By having a humble heart and learn other cultures (and religions) instead of jumping to every problem with Evangelising, colonizing etc which is the mistrust seed that the West has sown in the 19th 20th century. (Colonialism and expansionism)

But of course the utopian dream would be that everyone becomes a good Catholic and listens to Jesus our Lord and then there will really will be world peace. But I can’t see this happen anytime soon.


I think fear drives a lot of human behaviour too. And often it’s a fear of losing something or many things. And if all things of this material world are transient why do so many of us let such fear gain control to such an extent that we create opportunity for death and destruction? The irony is that in fearing loss and seeking to gain through war we risk great loss both materially and spiritually.

Some people favour optimists over pessimists but maybe only optimists wage war?


Okay so I think I just realised what the answer to my OP is, love.

So that’s simple. Now I need to see how we can use it to stop wars.

I have a sneaky feeling that this may have been discovered already🤔


A slogan of some Jewish Messianic groups is

The only hope for peace was born in the Middle East


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