World’s First Hoverbike Could Make Star Wars A Reality


**Anyone still not familiar with the concept of a Hoverbike that was popularized by Star Wars will have a chance to see it in the new feature to be released in movie theaters on December 18th. It seems science reality is catching up to science fiction.

A successful 2014 Kickstarter campaign raised nearly $100,000 to help make the world’s first Hoverbike a reality, and all indicators point to it arriving sooner rather than later.**

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Oh joy. Something probably *more * dangerous than a motorcycle yet simultaneously cool enough that everyone will want one. :wink: I suppose we better start praying for increased “travel mercies.”

This is wildly impractical for street use, however, because of a limited braking and turning ability, as someone in the comments of that article pointed out. Possibly useful for cross-country travel, though.


This is actually an old military concept that dates back to the 1950s rediscovered. There were various versions of the theme. Look up: Piasecki VZ-8 Airgeep, the Seageep variant and Model 59K. It was also referred to as the Sky Car. The four-prop version was the Curtis-Wright VZ-7.

Yes, putting on the brakes in midair would be… impractical.



When I saw the word ‘hoverbike’ I immediately thought of “ET…go home”. :smiley:

I wasn’t around when it came out but I love it.


The Lexus Hoverboard is way cooler.


Once someone creates an affordable/ practical room temp. superconductor, thats when we will start seeing all the sci fi type ‘hover cars’, hover boards, etc.

This hoverboard and others like it (except for the small Japanese 2 man hover ball) are just using technology we already have to make it look like they have achieved anti-gravity.

Its basically anit-gravity, many many R&D labs trying to be the first ones in this area!


Yeah, but that requires you to run over a metal track for the magnets to work.


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