World’s first transgender doll to be unveiled at New York toy fair


From today’s Guardian:

The world’s first transgender doll is being unveiled at the New York toy fair this weekend, modelled on the US teenager and LGBTQ campaigner Jazz Jennings.

Sixteen-year-old Jennings was propelled to fame as one of the youngest people ever officially documented as transgender. She has signalled her personal approval of the doll, which she thinks sends out a positive message about being transgender.


Perhaps it will it come with a certificate testifying to its authenticity?


It’s very lifelike. It will even urinate, but only in the ladies room.


It does look like Jazz Jennings but what exactly makes it identifiable as a transgender doll if one doesn’t know who Jazz is?

ETA: I just saw that it will cost approximately US$90. :eek:


I agree. Unless someone knows beforehand that it’s supposed to be a transgender doll, I don’t know how they would be able to tell.


Dolls have gender now?


Girl’s hair and dress. Or boy’s hair and pants. Or is it the other way? Who knows any more? Maybe a double transgender doll with boy’s hair and a girl’s dress or the other way.
Then instead of the usual $90 it would sell for double that amount.


Where have you been? Dolls have had gender for a long time. Barbie and Ken for example.


Does this mean the doll includes internal and external sex organs, so as to allow for a clear distinction between a transgender doll and one that is not? What about hormone therapy?


They wouldn’t be able to tell any more than someone could tell if someone is washing their hands in a bathroom. And I’m going to assume people aren’t poking around on their hands and knees looking under stalls.

Thorolfr, I know you posted a quote and I don’t know anymore if it’s always needed or not. But maybe you would want to include a link to the source? Not that it matters to me. Very easy to overlook that.


Perhaps the $90 price tag is the clue?


Isn’t that their sex? I mean I though gender had nothing to do with external sexual characteristics. I think you should be fined for making baseless assumptions about their gender simply based on their sex. What if they identify as genderless? How horridly gender biased you appear to be.

Isn’t that the… err… bovine excrement… that many people have been trying to sell the past decade or so?


This is terrifying.

What’s next?




I’m pretty sure Ken was missing his downstairs department (They don’t generally put the plumbing on a doll), so I’m pretty sure he could already pass for a transgendered doll if one wanted to push the narrative. The real tragedy is the trying to introduce kids to this nonsense. :frowning:


It is amazing how far our society has spiraled down in just the last decade. As sad as this is, the question really is -Where does it stop? The answer is-It doesn’t. We are becoming a society without boundaries or any internal sense of right or wrong. Society today wants to be free of any moral constraints and they are rocketing to get there at an exponential rate.


Humph. How is the doll transgendered? Does it have a penis underneath?




The only reason this doll was created was for the marketing and how much money it can bring in. Its a given many liberal minded parents will buy this doll, no matter what it costs, just to say they bought it (show their support, etc etc).

In fact, Id bet the manufacturer could care less about the whole transgender debate/issue, they are just interested in dollar signs, they will ‘support’ any cause, as long as it means more revenue for them. ( I think there is word for people like this LOL).


Sorry about that, I didn’t realize that I had forgotten a link to the article. It’s from the Guardian:

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