World War 3 with Russia could start over Clinton's proposed no-fly zone in Syria, historian says

While I tend to regard all WWIII theories as fanciful and unlikely, some do not do the same.

Tensions between the United States and Russia have unleashed a flurry of World War 3 theories that have come to the forefront of the final weeks of the 2016 elections.

Questions raised about America’s future relationship with Russia have ranged from cyber-espionage threats to the continuing dispute over Crimea, but perhaps no world issue has been as central to the unfolding drama as the War in Syria. As Russia backs President Bashar Hafez al-Assad, the U.S. arms Syrian rebel forces fighting against him — both sides ostensibly only making direct attacks on Islamic extremist groups in the area.

Each nation has separately accused the other of breaking this pact, even to the point of using the phrase “war crimes,” reported the New Yorker.


I intensely dislike Putin, but as between him and Hillary Clinton, I would trust him over her to avoid a war between the countries.

Hillary is a warmonger. Dems with any pretense to being peace-loving should run from her. But they won’t.

I think there are many ways she could throw us into another war.

Neither will many pro-life Catholics.

If elected, she will listen to generals who know all about this. I can’t imagine her saying “I know more than the generals do.” They are not going to recommend war with Russia, because they know we can’t win it.

**Democratic US presidents presided over the USA’s involvement in many wars in the 20th century. Wilson promised to keep the USA out of WW I but then reneged despite the fact that no belligerent had attacked us. Truman and Johnson initiated the Indochina wars when they could have just as easily made peace.

My conclusion is that having a democrat as US president is no guarantee that the USA will be kept out of a war. **

The problem is that the “Generals” are usually for confrontation and military action. That’s what they do. In the Cuban Crisis all of JFK’s advisors were for invasion. In Vietnam. the military pressured LBJ for military involvement. Now we find BHO surrounding Russia with new NATO member countries, fomenting a right-wing coup in the border state of Ukraine, and putting economic sanctions on Russia.

That is not what I elected him for and am deeply disappointed. We ought to remember that Russia has the power to completely destroy the USA, and that we have no defense, just retaliation. I want the USA to be friends with Russia, not to confront and surround her. I don’t trust HRC to accomplish that and have noticed that the Russians do not want her as US president.

WW 3. Has only been a Heartbeat away since the Cuban Crises ,
Some might say WW 2 still has a couple embers still smouldering away,
Either way,WW 3 is always just around the corner,could start anywhere,
There is lots of fuel lingering ,just need an ignition point,
We can’t be to complacent ,best we keep our faith , and enjoy our lives best we can,
Don’t lose sleep over it,might not happen in our lifetime

Well we’re pilgrims on earth and shall return to our homecountry at some point regardless of Us - Russia relations.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord it’s worth thee, blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit if thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God,
Pray for us differs now and at the hour of our death.

I am pretty sure one of the reasons we entered WW1 was the attack and sinking of the Lusitania that resulted in the deaths of many Americans. And we were only in the war for a year or so.

Compare that to WW2 when we entered it after being attacked at Pearl Harbor - again, the deaths of many Americans. A sneak Attack - a Day that will live in Infamy.

Hilary can’t be trusted - she was “asleep” when they called for help from Benghazi…would she be ASLEEP again if we needed to negotiate a treaty and prevent war? (i know the secretary of state does a lot of that, but I shudder to think who she would pick!)

Why would we not win ?

This is a “no win” situation. Nobody wins in World War 3, especially if nuclear weapons are involved. Another coincidental shot at the candidate.


Please, please, you’re competing with the tabloids! Their sales are falling!

As Edwest 2 said, there are no winners in a US-Russia nuclear war. We expect that would lead to mutual destruction and the end of civilization as we know it.

Even if the war did not escalate to a nuclear war, I don’t think we have enough munitions and manpower. Our military capability, strong though it may be, would soon be exhausted, and Russia’s too, both countries would be economically ruined by the cost, and morally ruined by the death toll.

is that what happened in Libya and other areas in the Middle East - Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria? the Middle East was not the mess it is today until Barack H. Obama and HRC came in to power in 2008.

Seriously? Please study the history of Middle East conflicts going back to World War II up to the present. Who is “in power” has nothing to do with anything. The people who are fighting in the Middle East want what they want. Example: Who was in Afghanistan before the US? The Russians. How long did they stay? When did they leave?



I am talking about what has happened in the Middle East with the Arab Spring since Obama and Hillary took charge.

“Arab Spring” is a meaningless slogan. It’s still: “Hand me the RPG.” Most people in the Middle East don’t care about the Western “Great Satan.” He’s been around longer than whatever administration is temporarily ‘in charge.’

NOBODY in the Middle East says, “Hmmm. Who’s in power over there now?” It’s still “Hand me the RPG.”


This could become something similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis, except this time Russia will be more like the USA of the 60’s, while the USA of 2016 will be more like the Soviet Union.

Did we win in Vietnam? Have we won in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Her no fly zone is a recipe for disaster and potentially puts us on the doorstep of major conflict with other world powers

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