World Wide Conversion

Under what conditions would God the Father send Jesus back to Earth to judge the living and the dead? Would it not be after World Wide Conversion to Christianity? Better yet to Catholicism. Jesus love for us is universal with no exclusions. He wants to save everyone…

I’ve been praying for the intercession of the Angels and Saints for the conversion of souls to Jesus’s Holy Catholic Church.

How would this be possible with current amount of priests? Would Pope Benedict consider ordaining nuns to celebrate mass and the other sacraments? These Catholic religious women know the ceremony of the mass and have dedicated their lives to God and the Catholic Church.

Dear Lori, I am new to CAF as of yesterday and am so happy to see that I am not the only person who believes that church re-unification is possible and I have to say a MUST if we are all to be truly Christian. How can we call ourselves Christians if we do not even live in unity of faith in Christ? I have believed for a long time that Jesus will come back when his Church is one- as he himself prayed for. I am a convert from the C of E ,3 years ago ( before the recent opening of the doors wide for those of my old church) and have been praying HARD for the country of my birth and the Church of England to come home. However ordaining women is one of the reasons that many like me were forced to look at the truth as seen in the scriptures on this issue. First we have to recognise that the OT is a prefigurement ( or Type) of the Gospel message and with love for God recognise and admit that although he used women mightily, both then and now ,through out salvation history, God NEVER called or ordained a woman as a priest to minister to Him in the Holy of Holies. If God had done so in the passed then there would be clear precedent for this argument. This is the heart of the matter. We, all members of the body of Christ, have out part to play and if we were missing then the Church would be handicapped but not all are called to be the head ,some of us are the heart without which the head would not live , some of us are the feet, some the womb. I know the ceremony of the Mass and feel like I have dedicated my life to God (as a wife and mother) but that does not make me called to celebrate mass and the other sacraments. However I am called to pray for an increase in vocations to the priest hood, to offer my own son ( or daughter for that matter) to the Lord to pray that he can use him to serve the Church , rather than jealously guard my right to grandchildren. Our parish had a prayer campaign for vocations to the priesthood and the fruit that was born was 10 young men entering the seminary the largest group I believe in the dioceses. v Wishing you many blessings.

a worldwide conversion would be excellent but i doubt it would happen so fast that new priests couldn’t be ordained to minister to the new faithful. That being said Nuns can never be ordained in the Catholic Church, because the Church simply does not have the authority to Change the sacrament of Holy Orders in such a way. See this thread for further elaboration.

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