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Hi everyone, the official World Youth day Madrid 2011 official website is officially up and running officially. Take a look at the website by clicking on the logo in my signature.

How I wish i could go! But it just seems that I don’t have the money to go at least for now. I hope someday I can go to one and finally get the chance to meet the Pope.

I went to WYD in Cologne, Germany back in 2005 as a chaperone. If you’re having trouble getting the money, see if your church, school, or club will sponsor your trip. It’s worth the effort. My school and parish paid for mine.

The whole trip was amazing but here’s the first bad part? Sleeping outside on the German country side almost froze me to death! No matter what, bring warm clothes even in the summer time and a decent sleeping bag.

The second bad part, I was sick as a dog for the first week and paid a fortune for some antibiotics. Get some cheap short term insurance for sure. It wouldn’t have saved me any money but it definitely would have saved me a bunch of hassle.

As for seeing the pope, i was ten feet away! Pope mobile is super funny in person. Benedicto!

Anyway, hope you get to go.

Peace and love,


Thank you for sharing and for the advice!

My pleasure!

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