world youth day

has anyone on here even been? if so, how was the experience?

i’m so mad at myself for being so shy and not taking the last three chances to go. i plan to go to the next one though.

also, do you guys think it was a good move on the part of pope john-paul II to institute something like this?

Been to 3! (Toronto in 02, Koln in 05, and Sydney, 08)

Sadly, I am now overage for anything having the word “youth” in it.

I love it. Few things bring young, energetic Catholics together like the WYD. Even not-so-young local citizens get caught up in it!

And it bears fruit. Australia’s seminaries were at capacity after SYD08, and the young Catholics of the continent gathered together in 09 to commemorate His Holiness’ visit of the the year before.

I think the inception of WYD will be remembered as one of the more transforming innovations of the JP2 years.

Get ready and prepare for Cracow! You want to go at least once and no one knows how many chances they will get.


i agree, i just wish i hadn’t missed out on the other ones. oh well, no point crying about it now i suppose.

are you able to tell me about some of the highlights? the things you got to do?

I hope to go in the future. It seems like it would be a great experience and to show the youth of the Church.

I went to WYD 2000 in Rome for the Great Jubilee! LOVED IT!!! I spent my entire life’s savings at the time to go, and I do not regret it for a minute. World Youth Day has inspired young men and women to become priests and religious like no other - apparently most seminarians have gone to at least one WYD. Being there with Bl. John Paul II and the MILLIONS of young people from all over the world was amazing. This is part of the reason why I cried so much when JPII died - he had been the only Pope in my lifetime up to that point, and I had actually been to a Mass celebrated by him. I remember it as if it were yesterday - craziness at the opening ceremonies at St. Peter’s Square - trying to sneak into the square with my friends to get a better view of the pope; the 3-4 mile walk from the metro to the campus of Tor Vergata University for the WYD Mass; being sprayed with water as we walked, as the temperatures soared past 100 degrees with humidity; the singing of the WYD song on the metro by everyone; it was just amazing. EVERYONE with the opportunity should go - even if it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I went to Rome in 2000.

It was great. So many young people, so much enthusiasm for our faith and love for Jesus. I felt very inspired and understood that as a Catholic I am truly part of something global and ancient. I felt connected with other Catholics across the world and those who lived before me, while before I did not have that experience - it was a more local experience of my faith and tied to the present.

It was insanely hot and that was tough. But so worth it. Suffering a bit made that pilgrimage even more meaningful. Plus, when you are young being hosed with water for refreshment, sleeping in a sleeping bag in a huge field with about 2 million pilgrims is fun. :slight_smile:

Definitely go if you have the chance. You will not regret it.

I did go to a Steubenville Conference which consisted of 5000 youths around the same time of WYD in Rio, and there were several other Steubenville conferences going on at the same time.

Well, heat was one penance I never faced in the Canadian or German summers, or Australian winter :slight_smile:

At Toronto, however, everybody got deluged with rain, up until HH JP2 raised his hands, and said, “You have now been baptized in natural water.” And the sun came out in seconds and five minutes later, there wasn’t a drop of water on a body or on the ground!!!

(A Canadian local remarked that the same thing happened the previous time HH JP2 was in Toronto.)

The events of WYD occupy a week. There are faith events such as Catholic pop concerts, Adoration, etc. (In Sydney, Adoration was held in the world-famous Sydney Opera House.)


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