World Youth Day

This is the kind of music they should have at World Youth Day. Spiritual, traditional sounding, with modern songs.
A group from Germany that puts Gregorian Chant to modern songs.
Not Gospel Sounding!!.

Another one of my favorites

God forbid it should sound like anything remotely resembling the Gospel.

Well Polyphony is also excellent :wink:

Super stuff !!!

What’s the groups background ? Do they sing traditional Catholic songs too !

HMMMMMM, perhaps a true organic development in music that even the pope may like ???

well I am in Sydney, and the Cross and “Our Lady’s Image” has been travelling around Sydney, visiting mosques, shopping centres and the odd church as well… :shrug:

Music is being organised by all the local “talent” which i am sure will be including our great pentacostal choir we have here…

So if it brings souls to Christ via the True Church… it will be Gods doing, not ours.

Any chance we can turn that music into Latin?

On second thought… :slight_smile:

Do you have any news articles concerning the Cross and Our Lady’s Image visiting Mosques - because if you do I think we should all e-mail complaining about this.


Do you have any news articles concerning the Cross and Our Lady’s Image visiting Mosques - because if you do I think we should all e-mail complaining about this.


Travelling cross draws the crowds in Fairfield
July 4, 2007 5:04 PM

By Anita Maglicic

MANY Fairfield residents welcomed on Monday the first day of the Journey of the Cross and Icon ahead of the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day next year.

The 2008 event is aimed at gathering thousands of young people to celebrate and learn about the Catholic faith and to build bridges of friendship and hope worldwide.

Pope John Paul II gave the 3.8-metre high cross, and an icon portraying Jesus and his mother, to the youth of the world in 1984.

It is carried around the world as a symbol of Christ’s love for humanity.

The artefacts will tour Australia for 12 months in the lead-up to next July’s World Youth Day which Pope Benedict XVI will attend in Sydney.

An indigenous message stick accompanying the cross invites indigenous youth to attend the event next year.

The cross and icons were at a breakfast blessing at Sacred Heart Parish, Cabramatta, and went to Patrician Brothers’ College, Fairfield, where more than 3000 people celebrated the Stations of the Cross ritual, a concert and a chance to touch and kiss the cross.

Then followed a private inter-faith blessing and prayers at the Bonnyrigg Turkish Mosque before the cross was taken to Liverpool Catholic Club for a youth concert, a youth day procession and Mass.

‘‘It was a great day,’’ said Patrician Brothers principal Wayne Marshall. ‘‘We’ve had more than 290 students and staff come in on school holidays…we were glad to have the venue for it.’’



which include: **Later it was escorted by students from the Western Sydney Deanery to the Bonnyrigg mosque to be welcomed by Muslim clerics and followers.

Father Michael Smith, parish priest of Bossley Park, and one of two dozen people who escorted the Cross, thanked the mixed Catholic and Islamic congregation for welcoming the icons which he said were symbols of peace, hope and reconciliation for all. **

Well this is a new spin, classic music with contemporary lyrics instead of Christian lyrics & contemporary music. Personally I don’t like the Gregorian-chant-meets-guitars style. But that’s me.

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