World's cheapest car is launched

The Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, has been launched in India.
Costing just 100,000 rupees ($1,979; £1,366), the Nano will now go on sale across India next month, with deliveries starting in July. Tata hopes the 10 feet (3 metre) long, five-seater car will be cheap enough to encourage millions of Indians to trade up from their motorcycles

So what’s the gas mileage on this thing?

Hey I’m in North America, where’s my cheap car?!

You may want to rethink wanting a cheap car, since they (and therefore the driver and passengers) are unlikely to do well in a crash.

Here is video which shows two European cars and two Chinese cars being crash tested to meet European standards (64 kmph/40 mph).
The Chinese cars definitely make me worry about the safety of the Tata Nano.

A Chinese SUV didn’t fare any better

Nor did a Chinese truck.

It was tested to be 24/L which is about 56 mpg. But that is with the 33 HP, two cylinder engine.

The European version, which is expected in 2010 or 2011 will have a larger, three cylinder engine so the mileage will be different. Tata hopes to bring the Nano to the US, but it will go to Europe first.

Now I want to ask how recyclable is it and how long will it last. I’m driving around in a Mercedes from the 80’s because I know if I take care of it my niece can drive it around if she wants. I mean, a cheap car is great, but if things keep breaking down or the upkeep is too high then it’s not cheap. I like my reliable old car. Change oil, brake pads, check fluids, don’t abuse the engine, and she can run on practically anything. What more can I ask from a used car?:smiley:


How Funny,

I was just watching it’s unveiling on cable news. They developed it to give their people the chance to own a car, many for the first time.

It is bare bones and they mentioned that if Americans wanted one they would have to wait years, as it is not up to our safety standards. Cute car but no thanks! LOL

Are any of you fans of the BBC show “Top Gear”???

I can’t WAIT for them to rip this car apart on their show!!!

That is NOT a safe car, in Bangalore, Berlin, Belfast or Birmingham!! I thought those dinky little Smart cars were a joke…this thing is a nightmare! Let’s break it down a bit, shall we:

“Plastic and adhesive replaces welding” – Are you joking??? First time you hit ANYTHING even at LOW SPEED, that cheap-mobile is TOAST.

“No air bag” – seriously??? I don’t see much of a front crumple zone either. Let’s face it, this car is truly “Unsafe At Any Speed”.

“No air conditioning on standard model” – um, any of you folks BEEN to India??? Never mind dying in a car crash, you could die from heat exhaustion! (I’m sure the “deluxe” model will have it, yes?)

“624cc 2-cylinder rear engine” – translates to NO POWER AT ALL. I live near San Francisco – this thing would be COMICAL on the hills! (and you can FORGET going up to Tahoe or Santa Cruz – you’ll never make it!!)

OK…I think my blood sugar is a little low…I’m off in search of a cookie now:D

It may not be safe according to our standards, but it was designed to replace the millions of mopeds and such currently in use in India, as well as other backward countries. I would much rather have to endure a crash in one of the Nanos than on a motor-scooter!

safe doesn’t mean much when you can’t get to work, or to a job interview. Is not being able to pay your bills safe? ( in some countries they lock you up for vagrancy in unsafe cages ) is homelessness safe ? ( in some countries they lock you up for vagrancy in unsafe cages. ) :shrug:

Reminds me of the East German “Trabant”, with its plastic body and motorcycle engine. Remember those?

The car is designed to be used in the city and to be a replacement for a motorcycle, which has even less protection.

I had the American equivalent of that car as recently as 2002.

It was a 1995 Saturn SL base model. I added AC as an option, but the car had manual transmission, manual windows, manual locks, manual steering, manual seats, manual mirrors, etc. I got my screen name from that car! It also had a plastic body and bumpers. It got an actual 40 mpg on freeway trips and had 135,000 when it left the family (still going). I’d have kept it forever, but was given a company car and didn’t need it anymore. Extremely simple car and easy to work on. I’m no mechanic, but I only ever paid a garage to do any work to it twice. The rest of the maintenance and repairs I did myself.

Of course, it also had dual airbags, side impact reinforcing bars, Volvo-like steel spaceframe and good crash ratings for its day. At 2,000# and $9,999 base price (the special edition offered in 2002 with AC), it wasn’t exactly dirt cheap, but possibly the best value for dependable transportation at the time in America.

That was a great car and I still miss it every time I fill up the gas tank!

I don’t think a few of you have any idea what a third world country is like. Lack of AC and airbags won’t even register on those folks radar. They’ve not likely ever experienced either of them before. Many don’t have electricity or running water in their homes!

I think Nissan currently offers a Versa sedan for $9,999, but no AC. I can’t imagine paying more than that for a base Chevy Aveo, but I’ve never been much impressed with Daewoo products, so I’d not recommend that one anyways. Right now, you can probably get a new base model Chevy Cobalt with AC for about $12,000, which is possibly the best value in a liveable, new, stripped down econocar. (And get 37 mpg rated highway, which under the old system would have matched my 40 mpg rated Saturn)

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