World's Oldest Divorce: 99-year-old Man Splits From Wife After 77 Years Of Marriage

Sad story. The affair happened in the 1940’s

Very sad.

I wonder if they will file for annulments?

Honestly, at this point in their lives, what difference could it possibly make what happened nearly seventy years ago (2012-1940=72 years!) They’ve had their issues before, obviously, and should be grateful that they’re both alert enough to be arguing over them! They also must have tremendous pensions, if they’re seriously thinking about splitting up their assets.

Sometimes, the more I read about people, the more I’m convinced that the world has gone absolutely, positively insane.

This seems to imply it ever was sane.:shrug:

I love when a cheater gets put in her (or his) place. I hope the man finds a new, faithful wife, and I hope the woman recognizes and changes horrible behavior.

Divorce was the best thing to happen. Not only did the woman cheat, but she kept it a secret for decades.

What a suitable, happy ending.

Your post implies God created the world insane from the start. You owe God an apology.

I am reporting your post for insulting God and his creation.

If it happened that many years ago and no cheating is currently happening, I wonder if they are really filing for economic reasons?

He is referring to the ‘World’ as a people. Since the Fall we have all been effected with original sin.

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