World's oldest new mom dies, leaves 2 toddlers

Perhaps the doctor who decided to go ahead with IVF will raise these children now.:rolleyes:

"World’s oldest new mom dies, leaves 2 toddlers
Spanish woman gave birth to IVF twins at age 66, sparking outrage

MADRID - A Spanish woman believed to have become the world’s oldest new mother when she gave birth at 66 has died at 69, leaving behind twin toddlers, newspapers reported Wednesday."…

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And still people don’t realize why it is not a good idea to artificially enable women who are beyond the age of 40 to have children…
Sure it might be good at first, but what happens to the kids now? They loose their mother early in their lives…
It does happen to children of younger parents too, but the chances are a lot lower and usually that is a tragedy and not the normal course of nature.
I think her lying about her age and having children at 66 was irresponsible.

Selfish,prideful old woman who thought only of herself.Hope she enjoys eternity.

I agree. While she was responsible for lying about her age, the doctor was responsible for only seeing dollar signs when she asked for IVF. The whole thing is sad and irresponsible and the poor kids are the ones who will end up paying.

It was her dream to have children, but I do wonder why she didn’t pursue that dream much earlier in life and then let it go later in life when it became apparent that she would not be able to see her dream fulfilled without artificial intervention. After all, we all have dreams and we all see some of those dreams slip away.

Very tragic story for these children, but that’s what happens when doctors play God. God designed childbirth because he has the big picture. No human does, so the moral of the story is not to play God.

I’m not sure if your aware, but it is well known that she lied about her age, in both her American and Spanish documents. She admitted to having lied as well. She’d put down that she was 55 years old. The Doctor has publicly advised, that had he known that she was 67 years old, he never would have done it.

Just something to consider…

Why did God permit this woman to get pregnant? Why didn’t God just block the pregnancy or will it not to happen?

This must be part of Gods plan.

I was aware, but that doesn’t really change anything for me. Artificially aiding a 55 year old woman to have a baby through IVF when she obviously is unable to conceive without intervention is wrong in my opinion and is against the teachings of the Church.

Of course she’s going to enjoy eternity. In heaven, there are no more worries. So as much as she’s left a tragic situation behind on earth, in heaven, all of her earthly problems are no longer.

How do you know she is in heaven? We don’t know that she isn’t, but it is wrong for any of us to try to judge.

I agree with you there, 55 is too old imo.

i am a grandmother of a toddler and i am 57 and i barely have the energy. i don’t know what this woman was thinking.

i guess once her mother passed away her life was empty, but i think what she did was wrong. she shouldn’t have lied about her age.

this is a sad story for everyone involved. i also don’t believe that doctors are supposed to play God.

Because God gave this selfish woman free will.He loved her enough to let her err and sin(in vitro fertilization)

I’m not sure I agree with your understanding of the Lords role in creating life. The Bible has something to say about it as well.

Jeremiah 1 4:5

The word of the LORD came to me thus:
Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.

Right there in Bible, God is making it clear that he is responsible for having formed the life in the womb. " Before I formed you " and not " before husband and wife made you".

If God really doesn’t have a role to play in women getting pregnant, then why do so many Christians and even Catholics on this very forum, pray that God will help them get pregnant?

Maybe those people are just confused about Gods role in pregnancy.

Because God gives us a free will. Which means, He stands there watching and weeping when our choices lead us away from him. Attempting to know as much as God is the choice Adam and Eve made and we all have suffered the consequences of original sin…except the Virgin Mary.

**Jeremiah 1 4:5

The word of the LORD came to me thus:
Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.**

All I know is that the Bible tells me that God himself, forms people in the womb. So, unless the Bible is mistaken, it sounds like God is the one who chooses who gets pregnant and who doesn`t get pregnant.

Im a bit surprised, that Ive got a couple of Christians arguing that God doesnt have a role to play in determining who gets pregnant and who doesnt.

If Gods just a grand observer, then I’m not sure why anyone trying to get pregnant would pray to a Deity that doesn’t get involved with the creation of life in the womb.

Hmmm, now to explain where the babies soul came from, if not from God. :confused:

It is possible to clone a person and a cloned person would have a soul too, but do you think if we start cloning people we would be doing God’s will?

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