World's Smallest Diode Created


**The world’s smallest diode, the size of a single molecule, has been developed collaboratively by U.S. and Israeli researchers from the University of Georgia and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU).

Their study will be published online in Nature Chemistry on April 4, 2016.

“Creating and characterizing the world’s smallest diode is a significant milestone in the development of molecular electronic devices,” explains Dr. Yoni Dubi, a researcher in the BGU Department of Chemistry and Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology. “It gives us new insights into the electronic transport mechanism.”**

This article, which is a week old, continues at the link.


As a professor once told me - about miniaturization of electronics - soon, you’ll have nothing and you’ll have everything (uploaded on it).


A molecule!!!

Although this is probably an impractical device, I have to say, (awesome)[sup]3[/sup]!!!




Thank you for showing me how to do superscripts! I assume that subscripts work the same [sub]way[/sub]?


So, why was it once popular to have the tiniest cell phone available to now, having the largest? (my fairly new cell phone has a 5.7" screen, but my very first cell phone, a Nokia was smaller than the screen itself??).

I guess trends in technology come and go, smaller is good at one time, and then larger takes its place, and back and forth, over and over again. lol


Remember when 70-lb boom boxes were all the rage? Now everyone is listening thru ear buds connected to their iPhones.


At some point common sense takes over the trend.

Everyone wanted a cell phone that was tiny.
But eventually people realized their fingers were not small enough. At which point the cell phones started to grow again.


New developments in materials technology are happening at a steady pace. Unfortunately, and I’m sure those who develop such devices already know, atomic-scale fabrication will still require a comparatively large interface for use by human beings. I refuse to squint at a tiny screen. And I refuse to buy ear buds.

In the future, you may loose your entire computer after you drop it in the grass. And future historians, without a reader, or access code, or instructions, may find these devices useless. VHS tape anyone?



Yeah and this has been the trend for a few years now, the next thing should be showing up pretty soon I imagine. Cant think of what it could be, but I bet its in the pipeline already.

Im kind of thinking, implantable device to enable ‘mental access’ to cloud storage??


I’m thinking the next thing will be video interface through glasses that is unnoticeable from other people.

Like a HUD projected onto the back of regular glasses.


Whatever it is, the person will have to purchase some kind of base device and the service will have to be metered (monthly/ weekly billing).

Ive noticed as technology progresses, it becomes tougher and tougher for service to be ‘metered’, Free WIFI is a prime example, as long as you have the device, you can avoid paying for the service/access… I have to imagine the large industries HATE this.

This is reminiscent of why Nikola Teslas electromagnetic technology was classified and shelved, it was simply too good and too free, there was no way to ‘meter’ service to the people, if anyone and everyone could just access the energy/ service without paying, it would not bring in any money.

We are getting closer and closer to having this same problem with electronic/internet technology.


Yes, Tesla’s wireless transmission of electricity was classified and shelved for a long time.

But commercial applications do exist in very limited form.

J.P. Morgan withheld further funding from Tesla when he realized long-distance wireless energy transmission could not be metered.




Methinks you now have the [sub]subscripts[/sub] and the [sup]superscripts[/sup] well in [sub]hand!![/sub]



It’s not that hard to control.

When a business, say Mac Donald’s, has it, people will likewise use it while they are there, but are unlikely to hang around a restaurant if they are not hungry. Conversely, they might buy more Cokes etc. if they want to hang around and use the WIFI.

When places such as libraries have it, it would of course be tax-funded.



The extremely lovable and quotable Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

We’re standing on the verge of purely alien-ish tech with nanotechnology, invisibility cloaks, etc.


This here is so awesome. I am pumped.


True, but will the general population ever have access to these things?

IMO, its doubtful, Im sure military and other such outifts will able to use them, but I dont see them trusting the public enough with tech like this, what would stop someone from using an invisibility cloak from say, robbing a bank, going anywhere undetected, etc? That would be a nightmare for law enforcement.

Ive said it before, its all about control.


With diodes, it is possible to implement memory cell. If this new diode is X times smaller than the previous invention. You can make memory of X time grater capacity than previously. The phones are of course getting bigger, because of new usage - photos, video, games, etc. But for all that you also need more memory in a small place.


big cell phones are popular right now, but under 10 years ago, it was the opposite, everyone wanted the smallest phone, I think this has more to do with popularity than anything else, big is just in right now, but it is slowly trending back to small, remember the huge phones a few years ago, some had 6" screens, now, its the iphone that is trending, which is much smaller.

I think we will see phones get smaller due to this though, but people will still be able to access internet, movies, etc, although I have never understood why someone would use a cell phone for internet surfing, even with a 6" screen, that is pretty small compared to a laptop or desktop, you have to constantly keep expanding websites, moving the page around to see what you want.


Because the smaller device is much easier to keep with one than a laptop. Even the iPad is relatively bulky and heavy to carry around.


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