Worried about Catholic Answers videos on YouTube

In light of the current social climate in the United States, I’m worried about what might happen to YouTube videos associated with Catholic Answers and EWTN.

Free speech triumphs - for now. Praying it remains that way.


Neither one of them have any content that is extreme enough to be removed. YouTube (aka Google) knows picking a direct fight with the Catholic Church would be a bad idea, and boycotting EWTN or Catholic Answers would have negative effects for them.

However, with that said, I do think they should consider switching to Vimeo to avoid unChristian video suggestions from YouTube after viewing the video.

Why the worry? How will youtube censor them?

I am sorry, but I do not know what you guys are talking about.

They are starting to classify anything they deem offensive as “restricted content” which does not allow those videos to show in the general search box or in the suggested video lists.

Obviously kind of hard to build a channel when it takes a personal referral to find it.

But won’t you see it if you are in the Channel? And ETWN and Catholic Answers would both still be able to link directly to the video from their websites, correct?

Also long as the video isn’t completely removed, it should be OK (not ideal, but still OK)

However, again, I think they should both move to Vimeo anyway.

Sadly, the definition of “extreme” has become very fluid. Videos defending traditional marriage could well be considered “extreme” in some circles - especially among those in the technology industry.

Very true. But I don’t think Google is ready for a straight on, head to head battle with the Catholic Church. At least not yet.

They might remove smaller Catholic groups, with less traffic. But censoring EWTN and Catholic Answers would have a negative impact that I don’t think they are ready to deal with.

Also, both EWTN and Catholic Answers are already a little selective about what is put on YouTube. They both don’t put everything on YouTube. They are about winning souls, not posting videos that lead to hundreds of ugly comments which potentially cause souls to be lost.

God Bless

I assume you mean YouTube censoring their content. I was under the impression that they did a long time ago, because at public schools, YouTube restrictions are turned on, and I’ve been completely unable (as far as I know) to view any Catholic content whatsoever on YouTube (with restrictions on)

Dear Maxirad,

Videos are temporary; books are much more long-lasting and permanent.

There is nothing in those videos that cannot be found in the Catechism or other good, spiritual books.

YouTube may take away a handful of videos, but they cannot silence the Faith. Be not afraid! :slight_smile:

It would be horrrible if apologetics, evangelization and spreading of the gospel had to be done in person!!!

The restricted content also blocked lgbt videos, even Youtubers who are gay, but the videos have nothing to do with it, apparently. It caused an uproar and YouTube said that it was unintentional and that it randomly blocks whatever Youtubers said was inappropriate. I think it’s weird if they block religion and that. It would seem like one or the other?

That being said though, you have to turn on the restricted mode for that to happen. I don’t think most of us do so, so I don’t think it is a problem yet

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