Worried about my Dad's salvation


My mom passed away five years ago. My Dad remarried a divorced woman who was abandoned by her husband. They are both Protestant, so no annulments were sought or granted. Can my Dad still get to heaven? :confused:


That is a question only God can answer! All anyone can do is pray for him.


That is between your Father & God.


Be aware that worry doesn’t add any good to the situation. Every time you are tempted to worry, turn to the Lord and say a prayer for them both. Remember this short prayer: “Jesus I trust in You.”

I like to remind myself what St. Padre Pio said: “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.”


PLEASE talk to your priest about this. You have posted several threads recently worried about your Dad’s salvation-- about him getting baptized, about his marriage, about his lifestyle. You tend to be scrupulous, based on many of your posts-- you need professional guidance on this in a holistic way, not one anxiety attack at a time.

Continue to be a witness for the gospel. Continue to be kind and gracious. Continue to pray for your family. Engage him in earnest discussion on faith if he is open to it, otherwise, continue to pray for him.

God is merciful. Leave the rest up to him.


Praying for the conversions of your dad, and all that’s involved. I also pray for the conversion of your husband and that God will give you the peace, strength, and courage to remain a faithful witness to God’s love =)

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