Worried about my family members sins

The older I get, and closer I get to Jesus I feel like my family is growing further away from Jesus. Or, at least I would say they definitely have not been getting closer. Not saying I am better or that I’m perfect, because I know I am a sinner also. But, I feel I am different than them in that I desire to be holy and get closer to God/Jesus, and I want to follow the faith. I can’t remember the last time anyone in my immediate family has been to confession, my brother has committed sins such as stealing, gambling, etc., my sister who is a year younger than me seemed to be getting closer to God at one point and she does love and care about God/Jesus, but she tends to learn from others around her and society. Her best friend is Catholic, but my sister seems to think more liberal lately. Something now that’s really bothering me is my older sister has been trying to get pregnant but it hasn’t happened, and my mom told me she is getting a procedure done. She already has one beautiful 2 year old daughter who I absolutely love, and I know my sister wants another child but I don’t want her to do something that could be a mortal sin. My mom didn’t tell me what type of procedure it is when I asked. Are there any procedures that are considered allowed by the Catholic Church for getting pregnant?

My family doesn’t listen to me anyway, because at the end of the day they do what they want. It’s so upsetting to me, and stressful. I not only have to worry about my own soul and life issues, but now dealing with the fact that my family members are not following the faith religiously is worrying me. A caller on Mother Angelica asked how could one be happy in Heaven if their loved ones didn’t make it. And that made me think about my family.

Love your family, unconditionally, and they’ll return that love. My family is full of every religion, creed, race, sexual orientation, sinners, saints, you name it, we have it. And we are still family. Respect their right to disagree with you, as you may disagree with them, but in the end, love them.

You don’t need to judge your family or worry about their sins. Work on your own holiness. Pray for them and set a good example always. That is the best thing that you can do for them.

I too struggle with family members and friends who just don’t seem to care… Here’s what I’ve had to accept: I cannot change people. We cannot change other people. We can only make decisions for ourselves. We can plant seeds, encourage, ask questions of other people, but they may forever stay where they are if they choose to be. I think being an example, praying is good… seek to be of good cheer (I feel like that is asking you to suddenly like some food you find disgusting)… If you are miserable all the time, your family will not see anything useful about becoming closer to God. It is not easy to be cheerful, but I hope you will seek ways to become further so and pray and read Scripture… like Colossians 3-4. Chapter 4 talks about interacting with those who are “outsiders.” Your family may have a change of heart sometime, but it is not always when you want it to happen, which is now.

You can pray for them.

Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary for them.

This is what I do for my family.

To answer your question, yes, I know of at least one surgical procedure for infertility. If the problem is caused by a blocked Fallopian tube, this can be corrected by surgery. There may be others of which I am not aware.

I think delving into anyone else’s reproductive system to be intrusive. I’d put it out of my mind unless your DS brings it up with you.

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