Worried about my Mom


I have been reviewing my life since I came back to the Church and have a question.

While growing up. my Mom sent me to all private Catholic Schools. My memories of her while young was Mass, Mass and more Masses. She used to go almost everyday, especially during Lent. She is a very fervent Catholic.

We used to say the Rosaries together with Mom, my Brother, Sister and I. She made sure all three of us were babtized, had our First Communion and Confirmation. I still remember kissing the Ring of the(I think it was a Cardinal) Cardinal.

No meat on Fridays, none!

Now, here is my question. My Mom married my Dad, he is Jewish and never converted Catholicism out of respect for his Mom.
I am pretty sure the Church didnt marry them, I will find out tonight.

He used to go to Church with us out of respect for my Mom. All three of us kids are adopted. She had a Hysterectomy when she was 21 or 22. I am the oldest. She got me when she was 30. Four years later, My Sister, 8 years later than me, my Brother.

My Mom is 86 and her time is almost up. She is such a good woman and loves all of us as if we came from her. She has sacraficed so much for us and gave so much to the Church and related Charities. To me, she is a very Holy person.

Is she still in good standings with Christ because of marrying a Jewish man?

By the way, she is starting to see my Dad come to her room at night. He has been dead for over 10 years. I think that is a sign and I am worried.


Did she take Communion? If she did, being a daily Mass-goer and a fervent Catholic, you can believe that she got a dispensation to marry outside the Church. With what you describe, I cannot see her doing anything else.

Praying for both you and your mother.


As long as she got a dispensation before marrying your dad, or had it convalidated or whatever afterwards(depending on when she became such a devout Catholic), she’s fine. And she sounds like the kind of person who would want to make sure their marriage was in good standing with the Church and with God. Marrying a Jewish guy is not in itself wrong. It how you go about it that makes it wrong or right.

Trust in God’s mercy!


She has always been Catholic. I saw pictures of her at her 1st Communion!!! Wow, that was an old pic.

She is like 100% Italian, does that tell you anything?..LOL

She went to confession on a weekly basis, received communion at every Mass. Stations of the cross too. I remember a poster on the wall at the Church we went to that had all the movies not recommened for Catholics. She would read that and made sure we didnt see them.

When I was a teen, I talked her into letting me go to an earlier Mass, then I tried to skip Mass and go to the pool hall. I would get home and she would drill me on the Gospel.
When I didnt know it, I was grounded. Sheesh

I then used to run to Church from the Pool hall when the Mass ended, grabbed one of my friends and ask them the Gospel. That worked for a little while, until she showed up at Pool hall. I was grounded for a long time for that. Never skipped Mass again.:smiley:

Moms are so smart at times…

I will ask her about the dispensation. I am just concerned. She deserves to be with our Lord when she passes away.


I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

But, if she is seeing your father who has been dead for the last 10 years, I would advise arranging for a priest to visit to administer the Sacrament of Anointing - soon. This would be the best thing you could do for her. She will bless you for it.

God bless,


My good freind’s mother just died, and a couple of months before her death, her estranged (dead 5 years) husband appeared to her in a dream. She told him to go away; she wasn’t ready to go yet. Then the week she went into the diabetic coma that took her life, he had appeared to her in a dream again.

My friend had heard of this (relatives appearing before death in dream or vision) before. I had not.


I have a sister who is a nurse and the dead relatives thing is VERY VERY common.

I think you have given your mom much joy and peace for coming back to the church. She probably spent a lot of prayers on you. Do call a priest in. Sit and say the rosary with her. You can’t imagine how happy her heart must feel now.

Sounds like she and her husband still love each other very much. What a great story.

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