Worried dont have an baptismal cert


Hi guys
Im a little bit worried because inborn im Iglesya ni Cristo but im no longer active in iglesya ni cristo for morethan 10 years and now me and boyfriend is planning to get married civil marriage he is roman catholic and im 6 months pregnant now . Im asking it will be a problem ? I am willing to convert to roman catholic

Can you guys help me


Contact your local Catholic church and speak with a Priest, he will help you with everything. They should have some kind of program for converts [The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults ( RCIA ), or Ordo Initiationis Christianae Adultorum (OICA)]. When I went through RCIA I had my Baptism certificate but some people didn’t so they had to be Baptized, it’s really a simple process. I wish you the best with your baby, marriage, and family. God bless you.


If you were baptised into INC then that is an invalid baptism in the eyes of the Catholic Church so not much point in trying to look for your baptism certificate.
INC does not recognise the Holy Trinity which means they are not Christians at all.


Your thread title mentions you don’t have a baptismal certificate, but you don’t mention that in your post.

Are you wondering if you need to show you were baptized in Igesia Ni Cristo?

The Catholic Church will want to baptize you if they are not sure your baptism was
valid in your previous church.

You can speak to a priest and join the RCIA to become Catholic if he says to do that.


Yes, please do this. The priest will be more than happy to help you.


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