Worried for my mum

Hi there,
I do not really know where to put this thread. My eyes have recently opened about New Age things and how dangerous they are, thanks to Sharon Lee Giganti. Growing up I thought horoscopes and healing chrystals were rather laughable and harmless stuff, as well as birthstones and energy channels, feng shui, yoga and such.

Though I never was very much in to them, I do realize that my mum is. She used to also quote a lot from Dr. W. Dyer, the best expert in psychology in her view, and how ‘You are what you think’. It just dawned for me that this sounds awfully lot like Law of Attraction stuff. Does anyone know more about this and should I be worried for her soul?

Thank you for your answers.

I’m praying for you. :gopray:

Remember to pray the Rosary whenever you feel anxious.

It might help if you try emailing one of the apologists on the forums.

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