Worried for my Neice

My 10 year old neice was approached in a mall several weeks ago by some agents with the Disney Channel. They asked her to attend an open audition. She went and they loved her so she went through several other procesess. They are going to pay for acting classes as well as a portfolio.

I am really worried for her because… well I think Lindsey Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, and Miley Cyrus say it all. Most of the disney starlets are involved in some sort of immorality. I would never wish for fame or wealth for anyone because it is SO easy to fall into the temptations of the devil when that happens… Now it is POSSIBLE to do good things with money and fame, but I know that path is a tough one.

It is possible that nothing comes of this either… I just cant help but worry:(

My first reaction: “Disney Channel reps, yeah right” Be careful, be very very careful.

Word to what cthulhubryan. Beyond that, she has parents, legal gaurdians so ultimately there is nothing you can do but trust in God to protect her.

Looks like this is a scam to try to sell acting lessons, etc.


Exuse my language, but personally if someone randomly approached my ten year old daughter and offered to pay for her acting lessons, I would tell them to go ef themselves. Extremely shady if you ask me. It’s true that unfortunately there really isn’t much you can do since you aren’t her parents, just keep the lines of communication open and encourage the parents to be cautious.

I have a daughter and a couple of other young relatives who went through the modelling acting thing for a while, and no reputable talent agency, much less Disney, approaches young girls at a mall with such a proposal. Even if they are participating in some event or training sponsored by a mall or department store, girls are not solicited in this way, and no reputable agent would deal with the girls w/o their parents. Sounds like a scam and possibly something worse going in. Contact the mall authorities and find out who these people are, or contact Disney yourself. If necessary bring in the local police.

It seemed a bit fishy, but went over my head that it could be a scam. Thanks for the heads up!

I will continue to pray for my neice in hopes that she makes Godly choices.

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