I went to confession Last Saturday and tonight I thought of a incednet that may have been detraction however I was just basically talking about something in the newspaper though I may not have been charitable about it but I had no ill will … I received the Eucharist Saturday night and Sunday Morning. I didn’t think about the Possible detraction till tonight. Was i forgiven in my confession last saturday and what do I need to do with regard to this possible incedent of detraction. I think I am developing Scrupulosity.

Praying for you. Try going to confession frequently, it is a powerful tool.

I think you need to talk a priest about this and about any tendencies for being scrupulous.

The Intent of this question was not to dwell on Scrupulosity but to simply ask. If one forgets what is possibly a mortal sin, Are they forgiven in that confession with the condition that they confess is as soon as they remember or are they not forgiven and then not only have to confess it plus sacrilege for the time they took the Eucharist beveling they were in a state of grace?

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