Good evening everyone,

I come to you again seeking your help on some troubles in my life. I have been reading my Bible and saying my prayers and praying for the forgiveness of my sins everyday (I may have skipped a day or two here and there with reading my Bible, but I have been reading quite alot.)

Ive had quite a bit of anxiety for quite a few years. Then, I have been having intrusive thoughts for quite a while (a few years) whether it stems from my developing as an adolescent or something else, they trouble me, and when they popped into my mind I started ignoring them and continued what I was doing, and they seem to be less frequent since I started just paying no mind to them . from what Ive read about them, these thoughts aren’t that uncommon among most people. They popped into my mind at random times, I could be reading the Bible and have a thought that would be something along the lines of “What if God isn’t real?” I don’t believe them, as I said, and carry on as per normal. Then the worrying sank in. What if God considers these thoughts sin? Does he understand that I can’t control them? Are these considered blasphemy? Isn’t blasphemy an eternal sin?

I’m sorry for the questions, again. I probably sound like a crazy person. I just worry a lot. I appreciate your help and guidance.

Thank you and God bless you!

This is a normal phenomenon with generally no moral consequences, unless you give your deliberate assent to these thoughts, which, if you are concerned enough to be posting on CAF, you are probably not doing.

Take a few deep breaths, then forget it.

I’ll be putting up a “megapost” on intrusive thoughts in a few months. Check it out then.

Thank you, friend, I just felt I had to talk about. I’ve struggled with this alone for so long, I feel better asking for help now. I eagerly await your post on this subject.

Thank you for your help and God Bless.

I believe it was Martin Luther who said, "You can’t stop a bird from landing on your head, but you can stop it from building a nest.:smiley:

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