Worse than ISIS: Alabama Democratic congressional candidate says GOP are bigger bullies than terrorist group

Congressional candidate J.T. Smith of Phenix City is upset with the Republicans in Congress – so much that he compared Republicans to the terrorist group, the Islamic State in Iraq and the the Levant, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

Smith, the Democratic nominee in Alabama’s District 3, made the comparison on Labor Day, taking to Twitter to vent.

And Smith’s timing will likely get his tweet more attention than it has already garnered on social media, as ISIL-ISIS reportedly beheaded a second American journalist on Tuesday. ISIS militants previously beheaded American journalist James Foley, on Aug. 19.


And there are some who would shake their heads in agreement. And they vote.

Yep, our inability to recognize a common enemy and remain united will be the end of us.

Typical democrat scare tactic, aimed at what they believe to be an ignorant, easily duped base.

And Republicans don’t use similar scare tactics? This is called politics: dirty politics, shameless hyperbole, but politics none the less in a political year. However, don’t misunderstand me: I agree that we should and must come together as a nation to fight this threat to our security.

Let’s fund a pre-congressional junket for him to go to Iraq and do some ISIS research! Give him some street cred.

Yes, but the democrat leadership is far more prolific and adept at it! I belong to neither party, both are as you say, shameless… and corrupt.

Many Republicans are awful too, no question about it.

But a lot of the Democrats’ inflammatory rhetoric has come straight out of their establishment. When I think about some of the comments party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has made, and then I look at Reince Priebus, there’s no comparison.

The divisive and inflammatory Republicans are mainly relegated to those associated with the Tea Party movement, that I see.

It seems to me it’s a matter of time before the Tea Party becomes the GOP establishment. Heaven help us all!

Once we reach the age of reason, the excuse, “He did it too!”, becomes a ridiculous and empty excuse for abyssmal behavior.

Can you cite specific examples of Republican politicians comparing Democrats to equally despicable persons or groups? You’ll have to look hard. Isis beheads children and others, commits terrible torture, rapes women and forces them to “marry” their fighters, forces people from their homes and businesses, forces victims to convert to Islam and many other heinous things. Yes, there is plenty of dirty politics all around us, but this is definately well beyond the pale.

Yes, shameless and corrupt. That just about sums up American politics.

I agree. And maybe we could throw in an orange jump suit to increase his level of understanding.

reportedly beheaded a second American journalist on Tuesday.

I’m not positive what the confused are doing in Washington. but I certainly would hope this isn’t weekly. I can’t imagine Obama responding to this weekly on national television. And North Korea is playing the same card.

Opponents to the invasion of Iraq were labeled ‘appeasers’ and ‘terrorists’ for years in the secular press as well as much of the Christian press. There was a very definite opposition to the invasion, including St. John Paul II and then-Cardinal Raztinger, but you never hear a word of it from the Bush Catholics back then. We’ve been in this nasty spiral and really, people who have participated in this type of slandering from the right are part of this brutally stupid tango of death.

The Holy See has very clearly signaled that use of force against ISIS is necessary – which was not the case eleven years ago.

I do not condone this kind of political behavior; but, unfortunately, it is not beyond the pale in an election year.

What is it that the Tea Party stands for that you dislike?

Probably because the Pope specifically said Catholics could ,in good conscience ,support the war.

An unwavering economic and social conservative ideology.

Which is?

I see lots of fear mongering about the Tea Party but never any specifics. I went to one of their rallies and it was almost exclusively people in their 50s on up. No social issues were discussed and the speakers concentrated on the need to limit government. Not exactly a radical idea.

We did have a woman speak who had been in a Japanese internment camp when she was a child. Her Mother and sister were raped to death, he father and brother worked to death. I always think of her when I here people denigrate the Tea Party.

To provide specifics would derail the thread, Bob. And no, this is not a cop out. If you wish, start another thread about the Tea Party. Maybe I’ll give it a second look.

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