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Hi, I have a question…I hope this is in the right area! lol

My fiance and I are getting married in May. On one side of our worship aids, I have included the celebrant, parents, wedding party (names and ‘title’), readers, cantor, and celebration musician. The other side has the breakdown of the Mass including music (purpose and title), the first and second readings, the Responsorial Psalm, Gospel, Homily, Vows, Rings, Prayers of the Faithful, Presentation of the Gifts, Prayer over the Gifts, Nuptual Blessing (LOVE this part), Holy Communion, Final Blessing and Recessional. Is there anything I’m missing???

On the back I’ve given credit to the photographer, the florist, and our Liturgy team…again, anything I’m missing?

Since I’m pretty “new” to the Faith, I just want to make sure I have everything…thanks in advance for any help! :thumbsup:

Usually it’s best also if there will be non-Catholics to explain the restrictions on Holy Communion and that it is ok for those who don’t feel comfortable to just sit when others kneel but to stand when others stand if they can.

Well, since you’ve decided to recognize everyone who has a “part” in the ceremony, would you consider a line giving thanks to God for the gift of each other?


I would actually try to keep this as simple as possible. In the front, I would put in the date, your names, the name of the celebrant and the church where you will be married:

Nuptial Mass of
Christopher Adams and Catherine Williams
June 20, 2009
Rev. Msgr. James Edward Johnson

On the cover, you could place an image of Jesus at the wedding of Cana or just go with the traditional script. When I have done our diocesan liturgical aids, I took a page from those used by the Holy See for the Papal Masses. They have an icon that is relevent to the particular liturgy being celebrated. It looks really nice and we got lots of compliments for the cover design. I

Then, the next page would be the actual order of service which would include the entrance processional and the introductory rites. It is not necessary to put in the opening prayer; just go straight into the readings. If the responsorial psalm is to be sung, see if you can (provided there are copyrights) place the musical response in for your guests to sing along with the cantor.

You can explain the marriage rite, but,don’t go into too much detail. As Brother Rich noted, it would be best to include an explanation about why non-Catholics can neither receive Holy Communion nor a blessing in lieu of Holy Communion.

I am not a big fan of putting the names of the wedding party into the worship aids. It is not a cast of characters in a production. When I did the worship aids for the diocesan Masses, all I had was the name of the celebrant (usually the bishop’s). I never listed the names of the lector nor the cantors nor the musicians. The doctors wanted to list everyone from the lectors to the gift-bearers, but, the rector of the cathedral nixed that idea for the same reason.

I hope this helps you. By the way, congratulations!

Wishing you much happiness on your wedding day and always!

Please note spelling: Nuptial (not nuptual) And yes, the nuptial blessing is wonderful!


Thank you everyone for all of the suggestions and well wishes!!! :smiley:

I guess I could have gone into a little more detail with what I have…

Front page has “The Wedding Celebration of” at the top, with our engagement photo in gray scale. Directly below that is a double stripe of our colors with our names printed in the stripes. Below that is the date, church name and location.

Inside left: “The Wedding Party” Celebrant, Parents of the Bride, Parents of the Groom, Ladies of the Wedding Party, Gentlemen of the Wedding Party, Cantor, Readers, Celebration Musician. **I really want to keep the names of the wedding party and their roles since my fiance has 2 best men, and I have a maid of honor and a matron of honor. Since only one will remain at the altar with us, I would like for them all to get recognition that way. I will check with my liturgy team and see what they suggest though.

Inside right: Prelude (songs), Seating of the Mothers (song), Processional (song), Entrance of the Bride (song), Entrance Rite and Opening Prayer, First Reading (siting, “Allow us to live together to a happy old age”), Responsorial Psalm (siting, “Taste and see the goodness of the Lord”), Second Reading (siting, “If I do not have love, I gain nothing”), Gospel Reading (siting, “They are no longer two, but one flesh”), Homily, Exchange of Vows, Blessing and Exchange of Rings, Prayers of the Faithful, Presentation of the Gifts (since we are not having a unity candle, we are having the moms do this, with one other person, so names are listed…I guess they don’t have to be), Prayer Over the Gifts, Nuptial Blessing (thank you for the spell check!), Holy Communion (below this I have included “If you are not comfortable with this portion, please feel free to stay seated, or cross your arms to your shoulders when you approach the altar to receive a blessing from the priest.” I have to run that by the liturgy team as well.), Final Blessing, Recessional (song).

Back page: Photography (info), Flowers (info), Liturgy Coordinators (names). We will also have a “Thank you” section on the back, thanking everyone for coming, and of course thanking God for giving us to each other. Oh, and the stripes continue across the back page. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the suggestions and input! It’s GREATLY appreciated…

I can understand your wanting to do all of this, but, you really don’t need to mention the name of the info on the photography, the flowers nor the liturgical coordinators. That, I am afraid, is going a bit much. You certainly have a lot to be excited about, but, when it comes to the programs, less is probably more.

There is one serious error in your statement regarding communion, though. You are not to invite people to come forward to receive a blessing from the priest since the Holy See has expressly forbidden this practice:

1. The liturgical blessing of the Holy Mass is properly given to each and to all at the conclusion of the Mass, just a few moments subsequent to the distribution of Holy Communion.

  1. Lay people, within the context of Holy Mass, are unable to confer blessings. These blessings, rather, are the competence of the priest (cf. Ecclesia de Mysterio, Notitiae 34 (15 Aug. 1997), art. 6, § 2; Canon 1169, § 2; and Roman Ritual De Benedictionibus (1985), n. 18).

**3. Furthermore, the laying on of a hand or hands — which has its own sacramental significance, inappropriate here — by those distributing Holy Communion, in substitution for its reception, is to be explicitly discouraged. **

  1. The Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio n. 84, “forbids any pastor, for whatever reason to pretext even of a pastoral nature, to perform ceremonies of any kind for divorced people who remarry”. To be feared is that any form of blessing in substitution for communion would give the impression that the divorced and remarried have been returned, in some sense, to the status of Catholics in good standing.

**5. In a similar way, for others who are not to be admitted to Holy Communion in accord with the norm of law, the Church’s discipline has already made clear that they should not approach Holy Communion nor receive a blessing. This would include non-Catholics and those envisaged in can. 915 (i.e., those under the penalty of excommunication or interdict, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin). **

This is an official document from the Congregtion for Divine Worship and the Disicpline of the Sacraments with a protocol number 930/08/L to verify its authenticity. It was dated November 22, 2008.

I do not know if you have thought about this, but, down here, it has been the custom for the parents to walk each child, so to speak, down the aisle. The parents of the groom walk with him when it’s his turn to go up (he precedes everyone). At the end, the bride is walked down by both of her parents so that both of them will participate in together. After all, they both had a hand in bringing you into the world. :smiley: It may seem strange, but, the families really liked it. However, our rector would always walk behind the bride to make sure that this did not turn into a runway presentation of the young lady and her gown.

Again, congratulations. It is good to see a couple caring just as much about the liturgical aspect of the wedding than just the reception.

Ooooh! Thank you! I’ll just leave that part as "Holy Communion then…

My fiance’s parents will both be walking with him, but I’ve always wanted just my dad to walk me down the aisle. So my mom will be seated before he comes in with his parents…which, just made me realize that the “Seating of the Mothers” part isn’t going to work! lol See…the little things!!!

Another question…my mother isn’t Catholic. Would it be bad to have her bringing up the Gifts during the ceremony?

I noticed also, and I’m sure the bride is being tactful, said “if you are not comfortable” remain seated…

*I think it is really important to mention that Communion is to be given to Catholics only. *Benedictgal, I’m sure you could offer a suggestion as to how that could be worded in a nonoffensive way.

I LOVE reading the names of the wedding party. Please include that!

I would not say who did photography or flowers though. If people want to know, they’ll ask. You are not advertising!

No, it would not be bad. We’ve had those situations before at the Cathedral.

However, when you do that, it’s almost as though you are doing something like the cast of players in a production. The Sacrament is not about that. And yes, I have seen this done for nearly all of the weddings at the cathedral, but, it’s almost as though the cast is made more important than what is really going to happen.

I do agree with your second point. The worship aid is not a bulletin.

Precisely. They are being paid to do you a service, not doing you a favor for free. No need to acknowledge them in the worship aid…forking over your hard-earned money is thanks enough! :wink:

I’m not sure what the “liturgy coordinator’s” role is, but the parish I was married in had a wedding coordinator that we were required to use. Since she was paid as well, I did not include her name in the program.

Congratulations and many blessing on your upcoming wedding and marriage!!! That is so exciting! :slight_smile:

This is very nice. Although, if you are on a budget and would like to save money, you don’t even have to have a photo of yourselves or the program in colors. I have been to so many weddings as a musician and I can tell you that many people leave their programs in the pews or they just throw them out afterwards. But if budget isn’t a concern, then it would look very nice.

This is fine. Most programs have this.

I wouldn’t put the prelude music in the program. You don’t even have to put the names of your moms under the Presentation of the Gifts. I think most people will know who they are when they see them do this. For the announcement at communion, usually the priest will make tactful mention of who can come up to communion. You could ask him or the liturgy team what would be appropriate if you’d still like to mention it in the program.

For the music compositions, I would put the title and the composer’s name.

I like the “Thank you” section. I do agree with the others that having the name of the vendors and liturgy coordinators are really not needed. The vendors names make it look too much like advertising.

Everything else sounds good, though.

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