Worship God in the Spirit

Only by worshpping God in the Spirit that worship to God is due and has infinite value therefore merits Gods attention.

HOw does christains attain the worship in Spirit?

First chrsitian merit the forgiveness of his sin by virtue of the infinite sacrifice of Jesus by which Jesus paid the infinite prize of Sin( isaiah 53:10). however man has to respond, his response must culminate in baptism for in baptism the forgiveness of sin obtain by jesus is realized.

So at baptism , a sin of christian is forgiving. For these reason,the Sprit of God(holy Spirit) dwells in him, he becomes the temple of the Spirit of God.Because the Spirit of God is living in a christain Peter write " we become the sharer of the divine nature". thus we are sons of God by adoption… or we become gods since God allows his nature to be shared thru his Spirit. Since we are sons of God it is but right and proper that we call God “OUR FATHER”.

So the Spirit of God dwelling in a christian gives infinite value to every good act of Christian because the Spirit of God itself is infinite. hence every Good act of christian has merit before the infinite God since the Spirit of Gof dweliing in christian makes the good act infinite.

Therefore if the Good act of christian has infinite value how much more when a christian worship God in Spirit? meaning worshipping God while the Spirit of God dwells in Him… that worship must have an infinite value hence has merit before the infinite God.

How does a muslim worship God with merit?since every muslim is finite his worship must be finite… as such it cannot be due to infinite God?

Or how can a muslim merit forgiveness of Sin when every muslim is finite his act of repentance no matter how sincere has limitation or finite as such it cannot be due to the infinite justice of God.

Remember God is not only merciful but also justice, as such justice God demands what is due to him

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