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I’ve been to many LDS sacrament meetings throughout my life because my wife is a member. I notice a great deal of difference between LDS worship and Catholic worship–not just in a liturgical sense, but in the very object of that worship. In Catholic mass, the emphasis from beginning to end is on Christ. In Mormon worship, however, the emphasis seems to be more on the church itself rather than Christ. The talks mostly seem to focus on how great the church is, or how wonderful Joseph Smith is, or how great the current prophet is, or how wonderful it is to be a member of the church. In fact I would go as far to say that though the LDS claim to worship Heavenly Father (and I believe they do in their prayers), in practice their sacrament meetings seem more like they are worshipping the church.

In Catholic mass the emphasis of the worship and the homily is not about the church itself. It’s always about Christ. Though we love the church, we don’t constantly dwell on how wonderful it is to be a member. But in a typical Mormon sacrament meeting you will hear more about the church, or Joseph Smith, or one of their current leaders than you will ever hear about Christ. Any thoughts?


Their religion is more dependent on having faith in Joseph Smith than in Christ?

Just an idea as to why.


You could say so because you can be a Christian without believing in Joseph Smith, but you can’t be a Mormon unless you believe in Joseph Smith.


Did you mean they have passed down Joseph Smith title from generation to generation, and this new JS is always a prophet?



The current Mormon prophet is the successor to Joseph Smith in the LDS church.




Mormons worship the Father, they do not worship Jesus Christ. That is why you don’t see worship centered on Christ. They are henotheists. This means that they worship one God (the Father) but do not deny the existence of other, separate Gods (Jesus Christ). Jesus is honored as a divine “god”, but not worshipped as one in being with the Father. They do believe Jesus is begotten of the Father, but their definition of what begotten means is different that the Catholic definition. Mormons seem to believe that Jesus, while on earth, was simply progressing toward godhood (as they believe they are). This, of course, contradicts Hebrew 13:8 "8: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever. "

Pray for your dear wife that she may discover the truth about the beliefs of Mormons. Here is a site that will tell you more about their beliefs on Jesus Christ, becoming gods themselves, etc. Every Mormon I have ever met has been kind hearted and a good person. We must pray for their conversion.


In talking with my LDS wife about Sunday worship, I look at LDS worship as how to be a Christian vs Catholic worship as worshipping Christ. In today’s sacrament meeting, the youth speaker spoke on the role of prayer in the family. The second speaker talked about modesty and the importance of it. The last speaker talked about prophets and Joseph Smith. In my wife’s opinion, since they end all their talks and prayers with the words “in the name of Jesus Christ,” its considered Christ centered. Hmmm, I seem to disagree with her.

Anyways, that’s my thought of Mormon worship vs. Catholic worship.


Tell her that you don’t think it counts because when they say it especially in Fast and Testimony meeting it always ran into one word:


Catholic Guy


Even the Dalai Lama can have prayers with Jesus Christ mentioned. He just seems Jesus as some greate sage. Mormons don’t necessarily worhship Jesus just because Jesus is mentioned.

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