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These are a couple of my favorites. What are your’s?





Ok, I have a question. I love this song, the words are great, and the video was well produced. the question I have is about the audience, and is meant to be serious, not in any way an attempt to mock or criticize.

What is the symbolism behind all the raised hands?

In those worship services/concerts I have attended, raising ones hands is a sign of praise and adoration.

I once attended a Mormon service, and the speaker was explaining why Mormons raise their hands when they sustain their leaders. He quoted a passage from the Pentatuch, I don’t remember the passage, in which Moses had his hands raised during a battle…and as long as he kept his hands raised the Israelites had the advantage, but when he became tired and his hands fell, they began to loose. So those who “sustained” him kept his arms raised until the batlle was over and Israel was victorious. That, he said, is the beginning of why God’s people raise their hands…and why LDS raise their hands to sustain their leaders…I thought it was a very clever sermon which drew from the scriptures the imagry of sustaining a prophet.

In those more emotional Prostestant services I have attended…including some concerts…there is a verse often quoted about “raising holy hands unto the Lord…”

Ok, that’s precisely what I was asking about. THANKS! I thought it was something along those lines, but I wasn’t quite certain, and I’ve been clobbered by assuming a symbolic meaning and being wrong before.

I have loved this scene i first heard it


and this is one of my all time favorite hymns


and this one


and this



My favorite worship songs?

Oh, in no particular order, Phos hilaron, Christos Anesti (any melody or language), Paschal Canon and Stichera, Polyeleos, Magnificat…


Son of God – Starfield **
I will go, Lord send me I pray - Starfield**
O Praise Him! David Crowder**

PS: Raising your hands is a sign of surrender to God.

Hi Scott,
I like Happy day from the movie too

I really like this one by starfield as well. Which was also done well by the twins. I think it goes hand in hand with O Praise him and how the young man was just overtaken in a very public display of worship to the Lord for he obviously is unashamed of the Gospel of grace. Praise God.
Unashamed – Starfield
Unashamed – the twins

Actually it’s hard to pin down all my favorites as I have so many worship songs I truly love from hymns to contemporary many of them I’ve posted on my home page as I listen to them after reading the Bible while I’m journaling.
Has anyone listened to Iona? What a musically tight worship band they were instrumentally and vocally as well as wonderful words of the gospel and hope. Maybe because I’m Irish I’m biased but check them out. :harp:
This one was immediately below was inspired by the Book of Kells a 1000 year old Bible on display in Dublin. It is an absolutely beautiful book with all hand drawn illustrations as well as, of course, the wonderful word of God.
If You liked that one you’ll definitely love Chi-Rho, which is based of the the two Greek letter used to signify Christ.
Let me know what you think?:):blessyou:

May God Bless.
In Christ, E.K.


i have to see the movie that scene was from now. that was beautiful?

I am the Bread of Life
Here I am Lord…One of my absolute favorites, it calls me everytime.
Come to the Water

One of my Favorites…Divine Mercy in Song

Couldn’t find good Youtube, but I also love, the Servants Song, and In this Place.

and Not really a worship worship song, but we sang it the other day for the Assumption Feat Day, and it also brings me to tears. Mary did you know.

Sidenote, what makes a song a worship song?

Thank you!

Your welcome, thanks be to God for the inspiration to have those songs composed!

I love the song, I can Only Imagine! Also love How Great Thou Art. And Happy Day. I like others but those are my favorite.

If you like “I Can Only Imagine,” check out this version:


:heart: Love is Patient

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