Worship to Satan- 7th Day Adventist


I need some advice and resources for any audio tracks on 7th Day Adventist and what the church teaching is on specific areas. I am not a reader and audio cds are more helpful to my apologetic studies. Are there any good resources for these Bible Prophecy seminars that they put on which talks about the end of times? Specifically, what does the Church say about “worship” being the main problem of the end of times? I don’t remember the exact scriptural reference but it is clear that they took Rev. 12 to show in Isaiah that Satan wants to be worshiped. Does the Church teach Satan wants to be worshiped?


Given Satan’s request to Jesus in the desert that all these kingdoms on earth would belong to Jesus if he would just bow down and worship him (Satan), I think that Satan would love us to worship him.

Look at it this way, if it draws us away from Christ, then satan loves it.


This is an Adventist organization that produces audio books and stuff. christianrecord.org/

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