I have heard of people speaking in tongues and being slain in the spirit. For others all they need to do is read the bible. The Subud is a spiritual movement for anyone who believes in God and wants to practice in a Latithan. It interests me what people experience in the Subud because each person has a different experience. I found it hard to believe that some protestants are praying with beads. Some people consider yoga as worship.

Every since my friend said they went to a innerfaith center I’ve been interested on the many ways everyone worships God. She spoke of people who taught her to go on spirit quest, and how to achieve kundalini.

Please explain. What do you consider as worshiping God?

As a Baha’i I believe worship begins in your heart regardless of what means or tools you use to worship after that… in other words regardless of what variation you have of worship the heart …your inner intentions is where true worship begins.

You could have outward forms of worship …chanting the names of God indefinitely or have complex rituals…or it could involve many people or you could be alone on a mountain top or island… true worship begins in your heart.

Baha’is worship God privately every day and have options of using three prayers a short, medium or long form of obligatory prayer. They begin with ablutions …washing the face and hands and then directing our prayer to a point of adoration or Qiblih which in this case is Bahji in the Holy Land.

We also have communal prayer…Each person praying alternatively or in silence. Baha’is only have congregational prayer in the case of memorial service for someone who has ascended to the spiritual worlds.

Baha’is also recite the Greatest Name of God privately ninety five times a day.

Hi, myway! I attend an LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Ministry for Christ) most of the time while I still am officially a member of the LCMS. My LCMS church tends to use a high liturgical service most of the time, while the LCMC is a bit more laid back. The LCMC church currently shares a church with another denomination and does not use vestments for pastor, choir, and the altar. We follow a liturgical order that is typical of other Lutheran congregations but many of our songs are displayed on a screen - this church is relatively new and has had to start from scratch insofar as the hymnals that we took for granted in the other LCMS churches I have attended.

We celebrate communion every week alternating from kneeling at the altar one week and going in a line and dipping the wafer in the wine (intinction). We use the Nicene or Apostles creed and also include the Lord’s prayer.

As a side note, this LCMC church broke off from the local ELCA church that group began to not see the whole Bible as inherently inspired by God. Their name reflects what they want their goal of the church to be…Mission-minded.

What I find appealing to me there is first and foremost love of other Christians. The Bible is the foundation upon which many of our missions become a reality. They also hold to the teachings of Christ and pray that the Holy Spirit will help them bring about the help many in our community need.

I have a disability which hinders my presence to worship our King in the church building but, love and caring, eminates from them and I am loved enough from them that they watch out for me and ask after me as to anything they can do to help.

Hope this helps your understanding from what we do in my Lutheran congregation.

We don’t pray with beads but, personally, I am considering beginning to use one to help me in my prayer life using Psalms, other OT verses, and definitely passages from the NT.

(Sorry if this doesn’t make sense in places…I had to take some meds that knocked me for a loop and I struggled to finish what I intended from the start.

God bless!!


My experience of worship is very much like this.

It stems from an internal welling of awe and an humbling and gratitude towards that which is worshiped.

I can’t choose to worship something/someone authentically. It has to come from that place of utter truth and recognition. Then, moved in that manner worship can take on a variety of rituals and practices, or simply staying in that aware and awestruck mode.

Awareness and Acknowledgment.

I could go through the motions, but without that authentic awareness, then the motions are empty, not worship at all.

Once I have that awareness and allow it to move me the worship takes many forms. Art, prayer, sacrifice, ritual, meditation etc.

I cannot accidentally worship something, nor can I not worship it if that upwelling of awe and awareness has taken place.

It cannot be manufactured.

The best definition I have heard of worship came from a televangelist.
Worship means “to put yourself in the service of.”
When we worship God we come before Him, and place ourselves at His service.

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