Worshipping God through Worship songs and Catholic Faith


****i have a question.is worshipping God through songs does mean im right church? i love to worship God by singing songs for Him…but in our catholic church,we dont worship Him like the bor again…i love singin Hillsong songs…is dat ok? for me it is…i nid ur comment…more questions to be followed…hahaha…God bless us


I’m not familiar with Hillsong songs. Are they spiritual songs with lyrics that are in conformity with Christian teaching? If so, it’s certainly okay to sing them and offer them to God as prayer. You can do it privately in your home. Also, if you make visits to the Church and no one else is there you could sing. If others are present you should not sing aloud as it would disturb them in their prayer.



Hillsong is actually a church, and every once and awhile they’ll record one of their services (basically concerts) and put it out on CD. They are as catchy as all get up! And I haven’t noticed anything in the lyrics that contradicts Catholic or Christian teaching (except for an occasional once saved always saved kinda feel). So to answer the OP… Rock on Brotha! Just don’t forget that the fullest form of worship is in the good ol’ Mass.


Hi mrpunks
I love the praise and worship songs from Hillsong Church, Darlene Szchech is an awsome worship leader. We have ask my Wifes family about some of the worship bands that we listen to and they have never heard of them. I don’t know if Catholics listen to Contempory Christian music or not, if they don’t, they don’t know what their missing.


Not only is singing to praise God a good thing (as long the song agrees with Catholic doctrine), but St. Augustine said, “Singing is like praying twice.”

I can’t begin to explain the closeness to Jesus I feel when singing the Divine Mercy Chaplet on my way to work every day. I can only imagine the sight I am at stoplights singing at the top of my lungs with tears streaming down my face.

Belt out those tunes!


There’s some great Catholic worship music out there too - I suggest you check out www.catholicmusicexpress.com and www.catholicjukebox.com.


there is certainly nothing wrong with praise and worship music, such as the type used in Hillsong services and on their CDs. At times the lyrics may be in conflict with Christian doctrine, so those few songs should not be used during a Catholic Mass or other Catholic context. It is not true that Catholics do not sing this type of music. For instance in my very conservative parish our pastor, a music lover, and others play such music before Mass, and and other places such as youth group or children’s events.

Once Mass begins we choose music that complements the liturgy and is appropriate, because in the Catholic Church our public worship–liturgy–is that commanded by Christ on the night before He died, and modelling the Last Supper–gathering, mutual forgiveness, exchanging sign of peace, psalms, scripture readings, instruction from Our Lord (which the priest, acting in his place) gives in the homily, prayers and blessings, the priest (acting in place of Christ Himself) joining in the sacrificial offering of Our Lord’s Body and Blood in union with the sacrifice of calvary, recalled during Mass, anticipated at the Last Supper, and sharing in communion eating and drinking that Sacred Body and Blood. that is the worship commanded by Christ. Gathering around singing songs in a boisterous manner, while it may be conducive to good feelings, fellowship, and expressions of praise, is not the worship commanded by Christ in the Gospels.


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