Worst Christmas Card in the World


I get the Planned Parenthood email newsletter (kind of a ‘know thy enemy’ thing),
I just got an email message-
"This holiday season, make an online donation to Planned Parenthood and you can send one of our five meaningful holiday e-cards to your loved ones, to let them know you have made a very special gift in their honor. These beautiful cards have been designed especially for this holiday season — it’s a gift you won’t find anywhere else! "

Click on the link- and you are taken to the e-card page… their cards feature doves and the caption, “Choice on Earth”.

Why on earth would I celebrate Christmas by promoting abortion- even Hilary Clinton, an avid abortion supporter, thinks it should be ‘rare’.

Can you imagine? “Hey Dad, you have a lot of ties already, so I sponsored some free IUD’s to teens in need in your name. Oh, and I couldn’t be bothered to go to the store and buy a REAL card. So here’s an e-card, complete with extra spam for the next 12 months!”

A gift you won’t find anywhere else… no kidding!


What better gift to give on Christmas? What better way to celibrate the birth of a child on earth then with countless free abortions?:bigyikes:

I think they should add another Holiday greeting card to their email list: “Just think what a better world we would live in today if Mary had an abortion too! Wouldn’t her life have been so much better! She could have waited till she was married and finacially secure to raise her other kids James and John, etc… Celibrate this Christmas with an abortion.”

They could pass out abortion gift cards?


Well what will really be ironic is when the Planned Parenthood workers retire and live in poverty because there aren’t enough people to pay for their social security.
Prevent overpopulation! Ignore the shortage of workers!
I bet they’d have a great time marketing the “empty womb” instead of “empty tomb” for Easter too, if they ever thought of it. Oops, not Easter, that would be “Spring Holiday”.

Although they (PP) are boycotting Target now too. The Catholics hate that they are going to sell adult sex toys, the Evangelicals hate that Target banned the Salvation Army, Planned Parenthood hates that tthey won’t kill children…

Although this photo is particularly ironic:
The caption should read, “Target, thanks for not filling my mom’s EC prescription. See how beautiful life can be?”


thos pictures (from post #3) look hideous… I wonder how much they got paid to do that… some of them look drunk (or worse)

These cards are horrible!!!


I have an idea for their next year’s Christmas card: a picture of Herod’s Slaughter of the Innocents.


[quote=Aurelia]I have an idea for their next year’s Christmas card: a picture of Herod’s Slaughter of the Innocents.

I think so!!!


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