Worst commercials

I find all commercials for “intimate” products annoying, whether feminine hygiene or Viagra but the worst is one for (how to put this?) an aid to female solitary sin that fits on one’s fingertip.
One ad in this category that is sort of cute is for the His & Hers K-Y with a married couple trying for a little romance before the kids get home.

Another that I hate is for an Alzheimer’s medication – the evidence that Grandpa needs medical treatment? – he calls his g’daughter by the wrong name. My father used to call me by all three of my brother’s names before he got it right and I’ve often called my son by my brother’s name. Come on. folks, you’ll have to do better than that before I’ll talk to my doctor about your undoubtedly expensive medicine.

Any other nominees?

OH! Almost forgot – birth control commercials, nova ring (yechh!), patches, &c, &c. Once they finish listing the side effects I figure that if I were a woman I’d just get an aluminum bat to clobber any guy who got too close. Side effects may include fractured ribs and skulls – for him.

What I hate is that the Viagra song has me humming all day. Of course, I am thinking Las Vegas instead of Viagra but still… :rolleyes:

I hate those commercials for Essure (I think) that birth control. It shows a lady at her kids soccer game and she looks at her kids and looks so sad like she wishes she hadn’t had them. :mad:

We’re often on Disney channel or Boomerang, so we see a lot of the lame new toys that are coming out for Christmas and then my 4 year old saying “I want that” during every commercial. “MOM! MOM! LOOK!!!”


Once they finish listing the side effects I figure that if I were a woman I’d just get an aluminum bat to clobber any guy who got too close. Side effects may include fractured ribs and skulls – for him.

:rotfl: :rotfl:

There was a commercial running on a local radio station in Chicago for a vasectomy clinic, the message being that a guy should undergo one as a gift for his wife.

My husband has been watching the Rays in the playoffs (I think they are called that). On came a commercial for one of the male enhancement drugs and the use of the word “sex” in every sentence. We both got angry as many people watch these games with their kids. Who wants to have to deal with that? Ugh.

I think it was during the NFL playoffs last year that one of those commercials for Cialis or Viagra or whatever came on… and of course those disclaimers (“should you have an erection that lasts longer than four hours, seek medical help”)… and our fourteen-year-old son turned to my husband with this pained look on his face and said, “Dad? Isn’t this supposed to be, uh, PRIVATE stuff, like, between these guys and their doctors?”

Of course, then a commerical for birth control (or maybe it was “feminine protection”) came on, so our son volunteered to go get iced tea and popcorn refills for everyone (“and let me know when the commercials are over!”)

I heard one on the local radio station tonight and it left me in stitches.
“Men, do you think length is all that matters? Let me assure you that width and thickness is just as important to a woman…” and on and on in this ad for a herbal supplement. EWWWWW!

I don’t have much tiome to watch TV … guess I’m not missing much.

There are lots of dirty commercials out there. What does a young couple necking in the rain have to do with tires?

But the ones that really get my dander up are the ones that try to frighten or blackmail me into buying their product. Like if I don’t buy their car battery, I will wind up broken down in a bad neighborhood; or if I don’t buy their product I will be endangering my family. Nope, you guys just made my “do not buy” list.

And I can hit the mute button faster than a certain shill can yell, "HI! BILLY MAYS HERE!"

Humor will get my attention, though. I even like the commercials for a certain “male enhancement” supplement, starring “Bob.” But I confess to liking certain kinds of bawdy and vulgar humor.

God bless us all,


I think you pretty much covered the bases.

I can’t stand PSA’s [Public Service Announcements] paid for by the American taxpayer about racial discrimination. Radio and TV stations do not have a choice they are required by law to run them or they can lose their license.

Everyone I have heard or seen it’s always the white person that is the racist!

**That’s just insulting! :mad: **

How about those silly Free Credit Report.com commercials with that guy singing all the time. My fiance and I have learned to just mute the tv when ever commercials come on…

Not sure if it is like this anywhere else but the movies/tv shows you watch are really quiet so you have to turn up the volume but when the commercials come on they run full blast!!!

Best solution? MUTE!

OH. I hate that when the commercials are louder than the show! :mad: We have TIVO now so it has come in pretty handy when watching a recorded show, you can just FF through the commercial. I work with a couple of people who don’t watch live TV at all anymore for the sole purpose of being able to FF through.

In my area, they have started with homosexual dating site ads on TV.

That pretty much trumps all. Now’s the time to bombard your cable carrier and the station itself telling them you won’t stand for it. :mad:

Well, we don’t watch television, so we’re spared a whole lot of ridiculousness (and save on the cable bill!) but I remember watching the tube a few times with friends in fairly recent years. The ads that really wigged me out were the ones that left me scratching my head and thinking “Okay, I know someone was trying to sell me something there, but I will be dipped in, uh, poop, if I know what it was…” .:whacky: )

The commercials that always got me angry were the ones that showed the father of the family as an idiot - you know, all thumbs, or incapable of the simplest thinking.

Although I certainly wouldn’t argue that fatherhood immediately bestows wisdom or intelligence, it always struck me that degrading fathers was not very smart in an era when the absence of fathers in families is having an incredibly damaging effect on society. The only thing that gets me nearly as mad is the horrible manner in which masculine pronouns are excised from Holy Scripture by some who are more into psychobabble than faith. It is selective, and has the same damaging effect.

I don’t think fathers necessarily deserve medals because they are fathers, but men, and fathers, do not deserve to have their faces spat in just because they are men or fathers, either.



None of this is by accident. The whole Church and all its cherished traditions and institutions are under deliberate attack. The courts, the ad business, and the media are all in the front lines, trying to destroy us.

The commercial that we hit the mute button for most often is the really annoying cereal commercial with the hula-dancing cartoon character that has the high-pitched nasal singing voice. We find him truly annoying.

I can’t remember what the cereal is called, but I used to eat it when I was a kid. It tasted like Weatabix in vinegar, with a small sprinkle of icing sugar.

-any cell phone commercials(Except the ESPN gamecast. HILARIOUS!)

  • head -on

-THOSE STUPID iPhone commercials. i wanna kill that guy.

-those stupid narcisstic Cadiallic commercials when those people driving the car think they are better than anyone else.

  • any comemrcial with brook shields

lol i always say "That what she said " when that Indiana Jones DVD commercial come on. hilarious!

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