Worst experience in confession?


The title is self explanatory


Confession is very private and confidential .God bless.


Ditto that.


In almost 50 years of receiving the Sacrament of Confession, I’ve had confessors that I considered to be tough, who challenged me to do better, and confessors that I considered to be more lenient and understanding when it comes to human weakness. I’ve never had what I thought was a bad experience in the confessional.

The most frustrating experience, which has happened a few times over the years, is when I’m at the end of a long line of people waiting for confession, and the priest runs out of time and is unable to hear mine, usually because he has to say Mass which is about to start.


Confession is between us and priest acting in the person of God. Be happy for any experience.

It does no one any good to drag this holy, blessed and private time out into the open.



My worst experience with confession was when I didn’t go for 18 years.

My best experience with confession was the morning I steeled myself and went back and within 5 minutes boom, back in good standing, and the priest sounded happy about it even rather than shouting “you miserable sinner!” which is what I was expecting.

God is good


When I go to confession, I’m right to the point. In and out. One time, I asked the priest a simple question about something I was confessing, and he proceded to give me an exhaustingly long winded answer that kept me a good twenty minutes. Let me tell you, I was squirming, because I knew there were many people in line behind me, and there was absolutely no possible way to get to all of them in the thirty minutes that were allotted for confession. I’ll never forget the long stares I received from those who were waiting. :flushed: And who can blame them? Needless to say, I rarely if ever ask any more questions!!!


For a penance I was given psalm 139 to read. I thought that was great.


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