Worst musical ever

How about the worst musical ever? I don’t mean opera or a plain movie with a theme song or two, but a real, everyone-suddenly-bursting-into-song, dancing all over the set musical on film.
I was thinking Grease, but then I decided it was The Family Band.

I admit I haven’t seen Grease from the beginning - however - what I’ve seen I hated.

I saw Miss Saigon - what a disappointment.

I can’t say that there is a musical that I dislike. Of course then again, i am studying theatre design/technology in college right now. So I really like theatre and musicals.

I don’t think there are any really bad musicals because the really wretched ones would never open or open for long. However, If I were a betting guy, I would put (without having seen it) some money on the one that just opened in Toronto and is based on Al Gore’s book: An Inconvenient Truth. It is called An Inconvenient Musical. Here’s some info.


I really doubt that a low carbon footprint musical (their goal!) is going to make me forget Cabaret or Cats.

On second thought, I think I would pick the **The Rocky Horror Show **as the all-time worse musical, at least until I get a chance to see An Inconvenient Musical.

Twas the time. . .for a man. . .and he was a man for the time. . .

The one and only genuine original family band. . .
I hadn’t thought of that musical in YEARS. Great, now I’m going to fall asleep with “Dakota. . .Dakota. . .where a man stands tall. . .” going through what’s left of my brain.

Of course there are some really bad musicals (or good musicals with bad casts, directors, etc.) out there for our ‘enjoyment.’ Probably one could write a small book–or at least a monograph–on the subject!!!

Pffffft… that’s easy!

Grease TWO!

The Wiz…

Micheal Jackson, Nipsey Russell…Save Me!!

I have yet to forgive Andrew Lloyd Webber for what he did to Gaston Leroux’s wonderful novel The Phantom of the Opera. Eliminated one of the most important characters, dropped a good chunk of the plot, and threw in horrible numbers in an unsuccessful attempt to cover it up.

Ooh, we’re really mining for bad musical gold with Mr Lloyd-Webber. I have to say I absolutely hated CATS - hated it.

:eek: Bennnjamin…Harrrrrison…he’s far beyond comparrrrison.":stuck_out_tongue: “let’s put it over for Grover” Why did they make that one? A musical about the electoral politics behind the timing of Dakota’s statehoods from the viewpoint of the wretched family band who play the convention…:shrug:

I personally am not a big fan of 1776. The music isn’t too bad but the plot is so boring I can barely sit through it.

I hate Les Miserables. All that fuss and death and singing over a garbage dump. And the kid!–What a brat! I cheered when he died. (Audience members didn’t appreciate that.) I just don’t appreciate the concept of fate that swirls around the main character’s life and forces him into a certain course of action, but he still rises above it and acts nobly. Huh?! Boring. Maybe it would help if the characters didn’t all have French names that I can never keep straight. I can’t even remember the name of the main character.

But the music is good. I wish someone would write all the music into a new musical with a totally different plot and characters.

And I agree about Grease–the plot is abominable. But at least the music is fun. But how any Christian can appreciate a plot in which a young girl wants to lose her virginity to a hood…ech.

Mirdath, which character was left out of Phantom? Thanks.

Uh… has anyone else seen Cannibal: The Musical aka Alfred Packer: the Musical? It is intentionally laughably bad.

*High School Musical *
except for
High Scool Musical 2


Miss Saigon - love the music, don’t like the story. Too depressing.

Phantom - again, great music (though kind of stuck in the 80s) but the story gets dull near the end

Cats - two good songs, a really dull, lifelless story to go with it

I miss the musical comedies that really put the emphasis on COMEDY… (Spamalot comes close, but The Producers is overrrated).

I saw Sweeney Todd on Broadway…and it was great. The Johnny Depp version is disgusting…strange…too dark…constant annoying singing, where you can’t understand what they’re singing (or why). I thought the performances were excellent…a stellar cast, but I wanted to throw up when it was over.:twocents:

The Persian With No Name. He’s a guide and a foil to Raoul, and explains the Phantom’s backstory.

Les Mis - hands down.

If you ever have to choose between poking yourself in the eye repeatedly or seeing Les Mis… start poking. All that fuss over a loaf of bread. Stupid.

I also didn’t care for RENT at all.

I agree! I’m glad I’m not the only person in the world who doesn’t like Les Miz! (Sometimes I feel so alone.)

Yeah. Like hunger. How lame. Like er if it were over his SUV, i could dig, but er like er bread and loaves and the hungry. Gah! Whats next? Fishes?:rolleyes:

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