Worst scandal in each century of the Church?


Hey all. Can you help me determine worthy candidates of issues and events that could be classified as the most scandalous in every century of the Church?

It’s OK if you aren’t knowledgeable in church history, or if you can’t think of one for every century. Any contribution will help.

For example, 15th century could be the abuses that led up to the Reformation. Or the 16th century reformation itself could be seen as a major crisis.

Yes, there is a point to this. Namely, the church will always have sinners and scandals.

BONUS points to those who can pick major scandals of the early church :wink:


100s - Gnosticism within the early Church

200s - "The Ghetto Church". Widespread abuse by clergy in the Empire. (See "Council of Elvira" in Spain)

300s -Arianism and the attack on the divinity of Christ

400s - East/West political divisions. Rome’s waning power and its inability to teach from its Chair.

500s - The failure to evangelize the Huns

600s - Widespread gang culture within the ex-Empire

700s - Conversion of Christians to Islam.

800s - Corruption within Charlemagne’s Empire

900s - Widespread failure for Christendom to coordinate against the triple pronged attacks from Normans, Muslims, and eastern invaders.

1000s - Schism East/West

1100s - The crumbling of ancient churches and widespread apathy

1200s - Failures to protect Christian pilgrimages

1300s - The Papacy relocated to Avignon. Foreign manipulation on the Chair.

1400s - The continued accumulation of material power by bishops. Clergy with mistresses, catamites, etc.

1500s - The Protestant Revolution and the religious wars

1600s - Abuses in the New World and abroad

1700s - Jansenism

1800s - Modernism

1900s - Apostasy of the West

2000s (today) - Catechesis and Duplicity

2100s - Misuses in genetic engineering & human DNA

2200s - Isolation within virtual reality. Access to the sacraments.

2300s - Tensions between Earth and colonies abroad. Difficulty for Rome to teach from its Chair

2400s - Super A.I. and philosophical debates around the purpose of humanity. What it means to be human and why it matters. What it means that Christ became human.

2500s - Widespread prosperity, wealth, and peace, both on Earth and abroad. Intense philosophical debates on the purpose of religion and spirituality. The ultimate question of why we need God in our lives.

I did this without the assistance of Google :), other than double checking the date for when Arius and Charlemagne were around.

Sex scandals are awful and damaging but I don’t know if I could pin that to a single century.





Thanks, and I’m also thinking of moral crisis or the sensational kind of scandals as well. Many of the people who see the sexual abuse as a scandal wouldn’t care much about the East-West schism.


What kinds of corruption in every century?


@TK421you’re quite an impressive student of history :slight_smile:


200s - “The Ghetto Church”. Widespread abuse by clergy in the Empire. (See “Council of Elvira” in Spain)

Can someone explain what this means?


The failure to evangelize the Huns

What makes this a scandal? Or was it more of a crisis?


The crumbling of ancient churches and widespread apathy

Can you explain what this means in more detail, thanks.


Hmmm… I am still not quite seeing the point of this thread. It seems to focus on negative aspects of Church history for no clearly discernible reason.


A very good reason: To show that scandal in the Church is nothing new. That even the early Church had problems. The Church didn’t become corrupt in the 20th century because of sexual scandals.

It didn’t become corrupt with the Borgia Popes.

It didn’t become corrupt with Constantine.

No, there have been scandals from Judas onward. But that doesn’t stop the Church from being Christ’s church.

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