Worst Wedding song ever

This thread is inspired by the discussion of “Here Comes the Bride”. What do think would be (or you have actually heard) the worst Wedding song ever?

I’m thinking maybe like that one with the lyric “love cuts like a knife”.

Any other suggestions?

The Rose (you know Bette Midler) I had to sing it at my sil’s wedding (before Mass) gag boy I hope she never visits these boards! :eek:

As I mentioned in the other thread, my husband was the best man at a wedding where the mothers were seated to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from the Lion King and the bride walked down the aisle to the theme from “Beauty and the Beast.” I wasn’t even there and I want to gag just thinking about it. I’m glad I skipped and went to a Pro-Life rally with my baby instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to a wedding one time where right before mass they played “I can show you the world” from Disney’s Alladin. On the organ. It was bad, but at least it wasn’t actually during the wedding.

The most tasteless recessional I ever encountered was heard at a (secular) wedding when, just as the happy couple turned and walked back down the aisle, the strains of “Another One Bites the Dust” burst forth over the sound system.



“Yesterday” by Lennon/McCartney

and no, I am not kidding.

[quote=TAS2000]I went to a wedding one time where right before mass they played “I can show you the world” from Disney’s Alladin. On the organ. It was bad, but at least it wasn’t actually during the wedding.

At least it wasn’t played as the recessional :slight_smile:

My sister-in-law’s younger sister had as her processional “Send in The Clowns”, which, while perfectly appropriate for this bride and groom, totally cracked up a good part of the assembly. (It was done as an instrumental, but still…)

Paul Stukey’s wedding song, mandatory in the 70s

The worst ever was my brother’s (not married in a Church) was “Hooked on a Feeling”:whacky: With the “ouga chacka-ouga chacka” sound effects. They had a classic white trash wedding, went to town hall, came back for a back yard pool party and BBQ:whacky: The bride wore a green bathing suit for the Occasion. They behaved like animals at the beer bash. (they toasted the Bride and Groom with Budwiser) Lucky for me I had a new baby and had to leave early, and I missed most of the fun:rolleyes:

[quote=puzzleannie]Paul Stukey’s wedding song, mandatory in the 70s

Hey that’s a beautiful song! It was our wedding song.

[quote=puzzleannie]Paul Stukey’s wedding song, mandatory in the 70s


I did not think it was so bad…for even the 80’s and beyond…

The Wedding Song

With a professional guitarist and vocalist this is quite nice.

I once had to do, on the organ in a very large “contemporary cathedral” in a city which shall be nameless, Barry Manilow’s “Could it be Magic” as the processional. OK it was the 70s and I was not quite 20 at the time.

Later when I was 25, in a small town (again nameless) I played, on a BELLOWS organ, no less, the recession of Christopher Cross’ “Sailing” and accompanied the soloist who sang “For All We Know”. . .

After those two “highlights” I have insisted, as a professional, that the music be suited to the venue. I will play pop tunes up to 15 minutes before the wedding, I will play pop tunes at the recession. . .but for the ceremony, no more Carly Simon, James Taylor, Andrew Lloyd Webber, etc. Luckily either my clients are developing better taste or else the word’s gotten around that they’d best not mess with me!

Honestly by Styper was HUGE in the 80’s as was I will love you so for always, alos I remember hearing endless love and it was sung so poorly, I bout puked!
Also remember hearing All of me by stryper, very corny.

Here I thought my sister’s use of “Let It Be” as the communion meditation for her Mass was bad. But the Disney-themed, “Send in the Clowns”, “Another One Bites the Dust” and “Hooked On A Feeling” all top that.

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Our wedding mass music was pretty standard, but we’re still the only couple I know who’s first dance at the reception was “Hotel California” by the Eagles. It was the only “song” we had, lol!

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How about Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” ? I think it was one of the songs played at my reception. :eek:

While I think she has such a lovely voice, I could gag if I heard “Close To You” by the Capenters. “Why do birds suddenly appear, every time, you are near?” Reminds me of “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock.

More today than yesterday (spiral staircase?) – just seemed like a good reception song rather than “first dance” song…but it was the 80s…LOL

The church we wed in allowed only liturgical and certain classical classical music. Which was fine by me and my wife.

The only thing is that I had wanted some of the service music to use the alternative Latin texts and they had no one to sing them, so we went with the English.

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