Worth sharing - blog post "A Conversation with My Gay Friend" by atheist-to-Catholic convert

I just really appreciated this piece of writing by Jennifer Fulwiler. I’m constantly in search of wisdom for how to compassionately handle the current controversies surrounding people’s sexuality vs. Church teaching. This piece demonstrates many good things and acknowledges the awkwardness felt on both sides of the issue, and how to do the best we can to understand one another in an imperfect world.


Her blog contains other good entries such as how she became pro-life. I promise I’m not shilling for her - I just stumbled upon her blog while researching these issues. :slight_smile:

This was very interesting 3DOCTORS!

I really resonated with her conversation; I get it a bit easier, because I’m a lesbian myself, but a lot of my gay friends still don’t understand why I no longer support gay marriage. However, having been in the community a long time, it’s easier for me to get through to them why I’m personally celibate and my views on marriage. The less you push the issue and the more you let them come to you with questions, rather than the other way around, the easier it is to explain Catholic teaching. But ultimately, if someone doesn’t believe in Catholicism, it’s hard to explain why sex is so sacred. Usually there’s a just an “agree-to-disagree” peaceful conclusion with me and my friends.

Thank you :slight_smile: - glad the article was of interest to you. This is how I have tried to be with not only gay or lesbian friends, but friends of other faiths, or when handling controversial subjects. Not that I’m always perfect at it, but I strive always for improvement. Being a resource for those who are curious about our Faith and how we live it out is a quiet yet effective strategy. :thumbsup:


I’d read this some time ago, and bookmarked it. Good selection! =)

I liked the article so much that it inspired me to buy her book - no surprise there though - I’m a sucker for conversion stories. :slight_smile:


Me too - started with Scott Hahn’s Rome Sweet Home and on to Patrick Madrid’s Surprised By Truth series, and others. :wink: I also need to go back and read more of the ones of the Saints - I’m familiar with some but not others. Augustine’s Confessions and John Henry Newman’s book, for instance, are in my “to-read” collection. :coffeeread:

Those are the ones that suckered me in too!

I’ve been reading her book way too late into the night; it’s good. I’d gladly lend it out when I’m finished if you (or anyone else) has a kindle.


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