Worthless college majors?


Are there any college majors you consider ‘‘worthless’’? If so, which ones?

Some people have asserted that humanities degrees are worthless since subjects like psychology, history and philosophy can be pursued as a hobby. But considering life now, it is better to major in subjects like engineering and computer science because technology is having a huge impact on our daily living, so there is high demand.

I personally disagree with this proposition because degrees in humanities, like philosophy, can develop critical thinking abilities, which is almost always valued and sought after.

What do you guys think the “worthless” college degrees are, and why? (In terms of ability to secure a job, money making etc)


Worthless in terms of educational value or in regards to future employment and financial success?


The latter


There are many articles that review entry and mid-range salaries such as the one linked below.

Much will also depend on whether you pursue an advanced degree, the competitive nature of the field, and potential downsides over time.

If you have a passion for an area, you are more likely to succeed professionally and financially over the long term. There are also many fields that pay very well and do not require a degree.


Underwater basket weaving comes to mind. :rofl: :rofl:

Greenie is right I am being cheeky today. :smiley:


There was a major at my husband’s old school called “Turf Grass Management”. Apparently it was designed to prepare people to work at places like golf courses. Husband said a lot of potheads took it.


They probably were thinking of another type of grass.


I think just about any liberal arts undergraduate degree (i.e. English, history, languages, philosophy, etc.) can be a basis for entrance into law school. And having a legal degree can open the door to successful career fields in many fields.

There is a question in government now about the efficacy of liberal arts degrees and the federal debt level for education that the government is questioning as valuable. Read, they would like to direct students to careers in business and the sciences, and devalue English, philosophy, history, and the like.

My question is, would this be a good thing for college students? And for the nation, would universities that fell in line with this federal mandate (if it occurs) be akin to something like a restaurant that only serves chicken? Do we need create thinkers, writers, and those in entertainment and educational venues?


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